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Configuring a Firewall Through ISPmanager

Configure firewall to filter traffic through the control panel ISPmanager5.

Potential Problems with MySQL

How to reset MySQL root password, keep logs of the startup errors and solve startup problems.

Encoding in MySQL

Discover what is MySQL encoding and what kind of problems it can cause with the database server.

How to Create a MySQL Database Through ISPmanager

Create and manage MySQL databases through ISPmanager. Discover how to create database and what to do if database section isn't exist.

Configuring DKIM Signing of e-mails

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is one of existing ways to authenticate the mail message. Learn how to install DKIM for email.

Configuring FTP Without Using the ISPmanager

All Unix-based systems have a default user with full access and control privilege - the root superuser. However, the root user is unable to use an FTP-based connection for security reasons. Therefore, you will need to create a new user for the FTP connections.

IP Address Removal from SPAM list (black list) of Mails Servers

Mail Servers operating in the internet (Google, etc.) create so called spam lists or black lists. These lists retain IP addresses that have been known to e-mail spam.

Installing Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) Manually

Manually install a LAMP package with all the necessary web server software: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP

Using the .htaccess to Restrict Access on an Apache Web Server

Learn how to configure access to a website and its directories at the operating system level.

How to install an SSL certificate in ISPmanager

To install an SSL certificate, you will need to follow these steps.

Redirect from http to https (or from https to http)

Specific apache and nginx web server rules to add when making an http to https (https to http) redirect.

Problems with PHP Mailing Scripts

Mail does not reach the recipient (or arrives after a long delay)

Auto-backup service: database backup configuration

To configure database backup you need to add database server login details in the auto-backup configuration file. If you need help to complete the auto-backup configuration, feel free to contact us in your Client Area — Support, Support tickets section.

Auto-backup service: backup restore

Auto-backup service allows to backup both virtual servers with ISPmanager control panel and without it — VPS with Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian operating systems.

Configuring the mod_rewrite on Apache Web Server

How to enable Apache redirect rules and set up mod_rewrite. Applicable to any Apache version.

Redirect from One URL (website address) to Another

Redirect from one website to another for Apacne and Nginx web-servers

Redirect from to (or from to

WWW to non-WWW and non-WWW to WWW redirect rules for Apache and NGINX web servers.

VNC and uploading an ISO-image to a server

How to connect to the remote server with built-in VNC and to upload an ISO disk image to the server.

Configuring an Email Server's SSL Certificate

Configuring an SSL Certificate for the Dovecot and Exim mail servers on Debian and CentOS Linux operating systems.

ISPmanager Frequently Asked Service Questions

Frequently asked questions that arise when using the ISPmanager hosting control panel.

What is a hosting?

“Hosting” (coming from the word “host”) defines a service that allows enterprises and individuals to make their projects available on the Internet. In most cases, when speaking of hosting, one means Internet hosting or web hosting.

What is VPS?

VPS, or Virtual Private Server – works off part a physical dedicated server and can emulate it completely.

Introduction to hosting control panels

Information on CPanel and what each of the ISPsystem control panels does, useful documentation links.

How to connect to a server with SSH?

SSH protocol is intended for securing the connection between the user and remote server.

HDD and SSD drives: drive types and interfaces comparison

There are two types of drives: HDD (hard disk drive) and SSD (solid-state drive).

Automatic linux kernel updates with KernelCare

Install security kernel patches on your Linux operating system without a reboot with the KernelCare module.

Ordering an Additional IP-address for the Virtual Dedicated Server

Discover why and how should you get an additional IP-address for your server.

DDoS Protection Service

Distributed Denial of Service attacks protection for ISPserver VPS and dedicated servers users.

Server Care website monitoring service

Server care is a pro-active server monitoring which alerts ISPserver technical support to take action if your website stops responding.

Gigabit channel

Excellent connectivity throughout Russia.Direct access to the data center to the point of traffic exchange Data-IX and MSK-IX, as well as to major backbone providers.

Add-ons for Dedicated servers

Additional services and hardware availablededicated servers.

Creating and Working with a Database

You can create a MySQL database in the Databases section.

Configuring a Mail Client to work with a mail server

Use a local email client (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) to receive and send mail through your hosting service.

Backups Configuration and Data Recovery

Let's look at how to set up a backup in the ISPmanager control panel.

Active Sessions Monitoring in ISPmanager

On the main page, go to Active Sessions to check the list of the current users of the panel.

Managing Extensions for PHP, Perl, Python

To change and install PHP extensions, go to SettingsPHP Settings, click on the desired PHP version and click Extensions Management.

System Information

You can view the hosting service parameters and its status on the System information on the main page of the control panel.

Backups: configuration, data recovery, backup storage

Backup configuration is the main top priority step after you configure new hosting or server and upload your sites to it.

Creating Mailboxes

For virtual servers, mail exchange is configured in the Domains — Mail domains section by clicking the Add button.

What is a system snapshot?

VMmanager 5 can take snapshots of the virtual servers running on it before making global changes. Subsequently, in case of failure, you will be able to roll all changes back to the state of the server at the moment you took the snapshot.

Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate installation

Now you can install a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate via the ISPmanager control panel.

ImunifyAV antivirus for ISPmanager control panel

ImunifyAV is a website antivirus developed by Revisium team to find and cure any malicious script in just a single click.

It supports WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, Drupal, MODx, Bitrix, other php CMS, and static html websites as well.

Website Viruses Removal

Scanning for server threats and manual viruses cleanup

Providing access to the server for technical support

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what could have led to errors on the site. The same situation concerns incorrect service or software work. In this case our specialists can help you to find out the reason. For this purpose you need to provide us with the access to your server.

How to Send a Request to the Support Team for a Quick Response

Quick tips on what information to include in a support ticket to get help faster.

How to Use a Free Third-Level Domain

If you do not have a domain yet, we suggest you use one third-level domain name for your site for free,

How to Upload Files to the Server

The most convenient way is to upload your website files to the server using the File Manager menu in ISPmanager control panel.

Registering and Paying for a Domain Name

Domain name is a unique combination of letters, figures and some special characters, representing the name of your website and its domain extension. Domain name refers to the address displayed in a browser’s address bar, used to access the website via the Internet.

Discover how to register and pay for a domain name, how to delete a domain.

Domain Names Renewing

Discover how to renew your domain name.

Domains Management and Transfer

How to point an existing domain to the website. How to transfer a domain name to or from ISPserver control.

Insufficient Account Balance for Services Renewal

Virtual servers stop when the account balance is exhausted, shared hosting and dedicated servers - the day of the end of the prepaid period.

Payment methods

You can pay for ISPserver hosting services with Credit Cards, Wire Transfer, YooMoney

Client Area Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions on using the ISPserver client area - BILLmanager 5 control panel.

How to set up two-factor authorization

Enable 2FA to prevent attackers from gaining access to your personal account.

Data centers

We use three locations for providing hosting services: WebDC and IXcellerate data center in Moscow, and Hetzner data center in Nuremberg, Germany.


Contacts and departments' work hours.

About Us

ISPserver is a hosting provider offering fully managed hosting services.

Automatic backups

The service allows you to create backups automatically and manage the backup process on your server without your participation. The backups you create are loaded into a separate storage and are always available regardless of the state of your server.

Acronis Personal account: access, settings, functions

After activating the service, you will get access to Acronis personal account — an intuitive multifunctional web interface for self-management. In the article, we will talk about the main stages of work with the personal account and its main functions.

Installing Acronis agent on Windows

It is necessary to install an official Acronis agent on the device for which you plan to create backups.

Installing Acronis agent on Linux

It is necessary to install an official Acronis agent on the device for which you plan to create backups.

Acronis. A service for creating backups

With Acronis, you can conveniently configure backups and centrally manage backups from various devices. Acronis makes it possible to save copies to cloud or cloud disk storage, configure a backup schedule, and view reports.

Storage for backups with FTP access

External backup storage space can be used to keep your data backups and will preserve your business in case of server data loss. Fully segregated from your hosting service it will keep stored backups secure.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets forth procedure and special features of data processing in respect of ISPserver Services’ Users.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Areas of responsibilityof the provider and the subscribers, procedure of the provision of support, compensation and settlement of disputes.

Service conditions

General Service Conditions is a public offer, where ordering and payment are the acceptance.

Affiliate program

Get profit from each payment, made by your referrals. Cover your own hosting costs, helping people to find a reliable hosting provider.

Promotional Banners

Creatives for the affiliates and partners.

The «It works!» Message Is Displayed But The Site Does Not Open

Possible reasons for such an error can be the following:

Problems with Web Server

Reasons and possible solutions to when your website doesn't seem to work.

Identifying the problem

In most cases, every website stores information about the errors that occur when it is accessed and a visit’s details (the address it was accessed from, how many times, what browsers were used, etc.). All of this information is stored in the server’s log files.

A Different Site Is Loaded by the Domain Name

Possible solutions to a different website loading by your domain name problem.

Codes and Descriptions of the Most Common Browser Errors

Definitions of 201 OK, 301, 400, 403, 404, 500 and other browser errors/response codes.