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Built-in VNC Client and Uploading an ISO-image to the Server

Connecting to the VNC-server

Go to your personal account’s BILLmanager, select "Virtual Servers" > "Products", select the desired server and click on the "Go to" button on the toolbar.

The VMmanager control panel with open in a new tab. In "Management" -> "Virtual Machines", select the server and click the “VNC” button on the toolbar.

A separate tab will open in the browser with a command line requesting your username and password for the VNC connection.

The topic file on your server contains these login details: (BILLmanager -> "Products" -> "Virtual Servers" -> select the server and click the "Instructions" button on the toolbar).

Enter your username, then your password. Please note: your password will not be displayed on the command line; you will need to type your password and then press Enter.

Uploading Your Own ISO-image

If you have a locally stored OS image and you want to upload and boot from it, go to the VMmanager, "Management" -> "ISO-images" and click the "Upload" button.

Select a file to upload and click OK.

Booting VPS from External Media

If, for some reason, you need to boot the operating system from external media such as a DVD, then you will need to use the following network connection settings:

In VMmanager, go to "Management" -> "Virtual Machines", select the server and click "Discs" button.

Without highlighting any drives, click the "ISO" button.

Select the image name from the list and select “1” in "Boot priority.”  This selection sets the priority to the main host disc, then to the boot drive.

If the set list does not include the desired operating system, please send a request to our support team to have the OS added. In your request, please be sure to include a direct link to an ISO-image file for the desired operating system.

Before you begin booting the image, stop the virtual machine by clicking on the “Virtual Machines” and pressing the “Stop” button.

Go to the “Add Drive” tab, and click “OK.” After booting the drive, start the virtual machine by clicking the “Start” button on the “Virtual Machine” tab.

Furthermore, when booting the OS, you can select the drive you would like to boot from by pressing F12 on the VNC command line when the server is booted.


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