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Redirect from One URL (website address) to Another


The following commands may be registered in both the Web server configuration file and the .htaccess file

To redirect requests from a specific website page to the other URL, append the command to the file using:

Redirect 301 /my-old-page.html http://mydomain.ru/my-new-page.html


Redirect permanent /my-old-page.html http://mydomain.ru/my-new-page.html
If there are multiple pages, a new directive must be created for each one. To redirect all incoming requests to the Web server to the other URL, append the line:
Redirect 301 / http://mynewdomain.ru/


Redirect permanent / http://mynewdomain.ru/

Restart the Apache Web server using the command:

apachectl restart


apache2ctl restart


In the Web server configuration file, create the following section:

server {
  listen 80;
  server_name my-old-website.com;
  return 301 $scheme://my-new-website.com$request_uri;

When requesting the Web server, the redirect will transfer to the my-new-website.com address using my-old-website.com address

Restart the Nginx Web server using the command:

service nginx restart
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