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A Different Site Is Loaded by the Domain Name

Apache Web Server

First possible reason for this error is that the A record of the domain routes it to one IP address, and a different IP address is entered in the Apache configuration file. Go to apache.conf (e.g., /etc/apache2/apache2.conf) and check that the IP address of the domain in the VirtualHost section coincides with the one entered in the A record.

The second possible reason is that the domain has not been created on the web server. Go to the ISPmanager control panel and create the domain with the correct IP address.

Nginx Web Server

For Nginx, this error can also occur because of IP address mismatch in the configuration file and in the DNS record for the domain. Go to nginx.conf (e.g., /etc/nginx/nginx.conf) and check that in the “server” section’s the “listen” line, a required IP address has been entered. For example,

server {

Restart the Nginx web server using the command

service nginx restart

If you use both web servers, Apache+Nginx in bundle, then check the configuration files for each of the servers for possible errors described above.

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