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A Different Site Is Loaded by the Domain Name

In this article, we will consider possible reasons why another site is loaded by your domain name.

Apache Web Server 

The first possible reason for this error is that the domain record directs to one IP address but a different IP is specified in the Apache configuration file. Go to apache.conf (for example, /etc/apache2/apache2.conf) and make sure that the IP address specified in the VirtualHost section matches with the one in the A record.

Restart the apache web server using the following commands

systemctl restart apache2 -  for Debian/Ubuntu

systemctl restart httpd - for Centos

If you use ISPmanager panel, check the IP address of the website in its settings in the Websites section - Website Settings button - IP address field. The value in the field must match the address to which the domain is delegated.

The second possible reason is that the domain was not created on the web server. Go to the ISPmanager control panel and create a domain with the correct IP address. Read more about creating a website in our article.

Nginx web server

For Nginx, this error may also occur due to the mismatch of IP addresses in the configuration file and in the DNS record for the domain. In nginx.conf (for example, /etc/nginx/nginx.conf), check that the right IP is registered in the server section in the listen line. For example,

server {

               server_name domain.com www.domain.com;




Restart the Nginx web server with the command 

service nginx restart

If ISPmanager panel is installed on the server, check the value of the IP address field in the same way as described for the apache web server.

If you use both Apache+Nginx web servers, then check the configuration files of both servers for the inconsistencies described above.

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