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ISPmanager 5 Frequently Asked Service Questions

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How to use login and password received by e-mail after buying hosting service?

After you’ve bought a hosting service with ISPmanager 5 Lite you will receive login details to the e-mail address used for registration.

Click on the link, type your login and password and enter your ISPmanager control panel personal account.

How to host a site?

To host a site you need to create a www-domain in ISPmanager and upload your files to the server.

Create a WWW-domain in ISPmanager

To create a record for the site domain name in ISPmanager log in your account in the control panel and go to “Domains” -> “WWW-domains” then click “Add”.

Fill the form with your domain details and click “OK”.

The domain record will appear in the list of WWW-domains. A new user (domain owner) and a domain home directory on the server were created automatically.

Upload site files

Log in ISPmanager and go to “System” -> “File Manager” then go to the root directory of your site /var/www/owner_name/data/www/site_name

Click “Upload” on the tools panel and choose a file for uploading.

How to create a database on a virtual server?

Log in ISPmanager then go to “Tools” -> “Databases” and click “Add” on the tools panel.

Fill the form: type the name of your database, choose an owner, an encoding type and create a database user if you haven’t done it yet.

Click “OK” and make sure that the database has appeared on the list.

How to create mailboxes on a virtual server?

To create a mailbox on a virtual server enter an ISPmanager control panel and go to “Domains” -> “Mail domains” then click “Add” on the tools panel.

Fill the form and click “OK”. Make sure that the created domain has appeared on the list of domains, select it and click “Mailboxes” on the tools panel.

Click “Add” to create a mailbox.

Fill the form and click “OK”. Verify if the created mailbox has appeared on the list of mailboxes.

What is “File Manager”?

“File Manager” in ISPmanager is used for working with files on your server. With “File Manager” you can create, upload from the local PC, edit and delete files and file permissions.

What are PHP, Perl, Python extensions?

Extensions are meant to accomplish some special tasks like forums, blogs, online shops etc in web-programing languages.

In ISPmanager you can work with extensions in “Web-server settings”. Choose a programing language which you need to install an extension for, for example PHP, and click “Extensions” on the tools panel.

Look through the list of extensions and install what you need: select an extension name and click “Install”.

How to create a server backup set?

Go to the ISPmanager control panel in “Tools” - > “Backup copies”. If  a backup doesn’t set then you will be proposed to fill in insufficient data, click “OK”.

Mark “Enable backups” and set a storage path for copies (for example /var/log/server-log).

To disable backups or manage the settings click “Settings” in the “Tools” -> “Backup copies”.


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