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Configuring DKIM Signing of e-mails

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is one of existing ways to authenticate email messages. If the email contains a DKIM digital signature, the sender is set to high reliability.

This authentication is used to avoid the possibility of finding your server’s IP-address black listed on mail servers.

Run the following setup via the ISPmanager control panel for adding DKIM to your domain.

In ISPmanager, go to "Settings" -> "Features,” select "Mail Server..." and click the "Edit" button.

Check the "OpenDKIM (exim)" box and click on "Apply Changes."

Verify that the settings are in effect and emails now have a DKIM signature. Send an email from your email address to any external email inbox that you can access (your alternate e-mail). Check the "Inbox,” open the received email and review the headers.  Make sure the “DKIM-Signature:” heading is among them; this is the DKIM signature.

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