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Protect your data from loss using one of the backing up ways «Automatic backup».

How is backup utility useful

Restore the data deleted from the server
Protect yourself from malicious activity
Quickly and easily restore your website from a backup

Automatic backup

The service creates backups automatically every day and do not require any user participation. The monitoring system is enabled to ensure your copy is created correctly. The service is available for virtual and dedicated servers.

The cost of the service depends on the specific server

For virtual server

20% of the base cost of the server.

Max. size - fivefold volume of your VPS disk size.

«Cloud server»,
«Custom configuration»,
«High CPU»

Disk size * 0.02 EUR

Max. size - fivefold volume of your VPS disk size.

Dedicated server

6 EUR per month for 300 GB of storage.

Max. storage disk size — 4 TB.

How to activate the service

Choose it when ordering a new server on the main page or in your personal account → «Backup» → «Automatic backup».

Go to the «Products/Services» section→ «Virtual private servers/Dedicated servers»;

Select your server and press «Edit» button;

In Backup section chose «Automatic backup»;