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Backups Storage

External backup storage space can be used to keep your data backups and will preserve your business in case of server data loss. Fully segregated from your hosting service it will keep stored backups secure.

Reasons a data loss may occur

  • Hardware malfunction
  • Human error
  • Malicious activity
  • Software problem

The reality is so that the data you have stored on a server can be deleted at any time for any of the above reasons. The problem of data consistency and preservation stands especially acute when viewed from the point of an operating business.

We recommend keeping a backup of your project on our external storage service, which is fully independent from your server. Your data will remain safe even if the hosting service is completely deleted.

How our external backup storage service can help you

Save your business in case of data loss
If the data on your server is completely lost, your business will remain safe.
Protect you from malefactors
External storage will minimize the effect of malicious actions against your data.
Quickly restore your website
Send a ticket to the technical support and we'll restore data from the storage for you. You can also manually apply backups with a control panel.

Choose disk space

Disk space
1 Gb
2000 Gb
€ per month

External storage is organized as an FTP service: manage it with the help of any FTP client or ISPmanager 5 control panel.

How to order and setup backup storage

Register in 10 seconds choose an order period and size of the storage
Send a support ticket and we'll configure the storage
When needed we'll restore your backups