18 July

Conditioning system outage

July 17th, at approximately 21:30 MSK (UTC+3) a part of our conditioning system malfunctioned.
29 June

Port 135 filtered in Moscow DC

We've filtered port 135 in the Moscow DC to prevent Petya ransomware attacks.
9 November

Virusdie Antivirus Module

Virusdie antivirus module is now available for purchase and installation from the ISPmanager control panel. Virusdie is a website and server antivirus that automatically searches for the infected files
7 July

New shared hosting plans!

We've entirely reimagined our shared hosting plans, reducing the prices and adding more features.

24 May

VPS with SSD is now available

SSD now available on all the VPS plans!
Solid State Drives (SSD) improve performance of the websites operating Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or any other CMS. SSD is a must for a high-load project, sensitive to the data input/output rates.

22 March

New tariffs on VPS with discount up to 35%

We are happy to offer you our new VPS tariff plans!

Get advantage of our new, ready-to-launch VPS plans, which allow you to save up to 35%.

29 January

Cloud Server — no downtime - no financial loss

Last week we launched failover cloud server, based on cluster supercomputers technology.

The system is built with redundancy. User data and physical nodes of the system are constantly duplicated. When one of the systems fail your project will be immediately restored on an available node.

22 January

We cut the price on Virtual Private Servers in half!

We cut the price on Virtual Private Servers in half! 

Take advantage of reduced server prices and advanced anti-DDoS options. 

4 September

Domain prices changing

We hereby inform you that we’re changing prices for domains in international TLDs from 14th of September.

23 July

DDoS protection becomes more affordable

July 23, 2015 Reduced prices on DDoS protection for Cloud servers. You pay only for 'white' traffic generated by your site's visitors, the strength of a DDoS attack is not taken into account.