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We cut the price on Virtual Private Servers in half!

We cut the price on Virtual Private Servers in half! 

Take advantage of reduced server prices and advanced anti-DDoS options. 

You can buy a VPS starting from 16 euro per month and experience new level of server configurations. Minimal configuration now includes 2 cores Intel Xeon, not less than 2 Ghz, 2 Gb RAM, and 50Gb disk space. 


Domain prices changing

We hereby inform you that we’re changing prices for domains in international TLDs from 14th of September.

These new prices are starting from 14th of September. Domains that are not included in this table remain old prices.


DDoS protection becomes more affordable

Do you have competitors? Every fast-growing company has competitors and enviers. The easiest way to take your site down is a DDoS attack. It’s really frustrating when DDoS against the website takes place during an add campaign or other important events. Are you ready for this? Just imagine how many customers you may lose during such attacks.


Great news of the summer

We have 3 great news that I would like to share with you:

We extended the maximum configuration of our Cloud Server:

  • RAM can be extended up to 32 Gb
  • Hard Drive – up to 500 Gb
  • CPU – -up to 8 cores

VM with such configurations will easily beat an average dedicated server in terms of performance. You can quickly change your current Cloud Server configurations or order a new one on our site.


Cloud hosting with DDoS protection

Dear clients!

We are pleased to announce that anti-DDoS protection is now available on Cloud hosting from ISPserver. Hosting servers from our company will benefit from 95% protection against DDoS attacks of all forms and sizes.

Can you remember the server hosting your web-site becoming inaccessible due to a DDoS attack? Do you know how many clients left you during downtimes? How much money did you lose as a result? And how many important deals with potential clients were not made?


ISPserver starts a new channel with 1Gbit/s

Good news for all our customers who are thinking of starting their STREAM portal, online game server, or online cinema, TV or Radio! From now on you can order a high-speed channel to connect your servers to the Internet 1 Gbit/s:



ISPmanager 5 Lite is now available on our servers!

A new version of the leading feature-packed web server control panel is now available for our customers!

Users of ISPserver can try a new version of ISPmanager 5 Lite, with its fully-rebuilt, simplified web interface, setup wizards, advanced access system, and many other features!

With this panel, you can control user access to different functions, as well as to specific form fields.


New Xeon E3 and Xeon E5

Please note, Xeon E3 and Xeon E5 server configurations have been updated. We are pleased to provide you with new super-productive servers


Reduced setup fees in German data center

This is to inform you that we have decreased the setup fee for servers housed in data centers in Germany.

Changes are made to the following configurations:


Migration program

Through 19-31 July, 2013 ISPserver is pleased to offer the migration program. Everybody who purchases hosting services during that period will be given one-month Cloud hosting service or VPS service absolutely free of charge.

Our advanced technical support will transfer your site for free; you will only have to register in your member area.

Refer to the Terms page for more information on how to get a 100% discount

Limited offer! Don’t miss it!


More RAM for Virtual Private Servers

The ISPserver company is happy to announce that we have increased the amount of RAM. Now our VPS clients can use three times as much resource.

RAM is one of the most important server resources, therefore this extra RAM will help to enhance performance of your web-projects and will provide you with more opportunities to implement your IT ideas.

Here are our new packages:


Price reduction and SSL-certificates range expansion

We consider that today's integration with world-famous Certification Authorities guarantees the most efficient and effective way to employ SSL security to customers.

Starting today we make a SSL certificate purchase is much more available:


CPU limits on Shared hosting

Starting today we set limits on CPU usage for the Shared hosting packages with fixed monthly payments:

  • Host A - 18 hours of CPU time per month
  • Host B - 36 hours of CPU time per month
  • Host C - 54 hours of CPU time per month
  • Host VIP - 108 hours of CPU time per month

If you exceed the package limits, you will be sent a corresponding notification, and your service will be suspended.


Reduced prices for domain names

The prices for domain names in all the domain zones have been reduced greatly. We hope that you will enjoy the new prices and will keep on using our services.

New prices for domain names:

  • .com - 9 EUR
  • .net - 9 EUR
  • .org - 9 EUR
  • .be - 5 EUR
  • .ru - 5 EUR
  • .us - 10 EUR
  • .info - 9 EUR
  • .biz - 10 EUR
  • .tv - 35 EUR
  • .eu - 8 EUR

Go to the "Domain registration" page to search for a domain name. There you can order the desired domain name.


New packages for Virtual servers

Our company is constantly striving to add new functionality to our hosting services. We try to do our best to update our equipment that will allows us to increase the amount of resources on existing packages.

We have launched the following packages for Virtual Private Servers. These packages provide twice as much RAM; processor resources has been increased as well. Traffic limit no longer exists. You are allowed to use unlimited traffic on all packages.


SSL certificate with "Extended validation"

We offer a new type of SSL certificates – "GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV" certificate with extended validation.

The certificate with "Extended Validation" from one of the most famous Certification Authorities. The certificate confirms validation of both domain name and your company.


More bandwidth for VDS packages

Dear customers! We are proud to announce a considerable increase of pre-paid bandwidth for the whole line of VDS hosting packages.

At present:


Unlimited VDS

The objective of hosting on a Virtual private server is to provide you with a part of the server limited by system recourses (CPU, memory, disk space). It has its advantages and disadvantages:


New possibilities for dedicated servers purchase!

We are happy to inform you about new procedure for dedicated severs order! Now you can chose a certain service on a special price avoiding abstract names for packages, like А,B,C,D! Enjoy great choice!

Once the service is paid, you can easily start a server with a corresponding package.

Some of our packages are very attractive by their price and parameters. It is a good way to improve your project possibilities without changing of hosting services prices.


Today we offer SSL certificates

This technical decision enables to achieve secure data interchange between customers and web site. The cost of our certificates is pretty low, but they provide high level of security and are carefully tested.


For more information about certificates, click here