23 October

Changes in the payment policy

According to the terms of services the server down time caused by failure to pay by Customer is subject to be paid in full. Until recently BILLmanager did not contain such functionality, and server downtimes were not paid for. This is to inform you, that our developers have launched a ne...
11 May

More RAM for Virtual Private Servers

The ISPserver company is happy to announce that we have increased the amount of RAM. Now our VPS clients can use three times as much resource. RAM is one of the most important server resources, therefore this extra RAM will help to enhance performance of your web-projects and will provide...
5 September

Price reduction and SSL-certificates range expansion

We consider that today's integration with world-famous Certification Authorities guarantees the most efficient and effective way to employ SSL security to customers. Starting today we make a SSL certificate purchase is much more available: We have increased the numb...
4 February

CPU limits on Shared hosting

Starting today we set limits on CPU usage for the Shared hosting packages with fixed monthly payments
22 October

Colocation in Moscow Datacenter

We are proud to announce the launch of a new service called Colocation. You can now not only order our hosting services, but colocate your equipment in the new modern Moscow data center - "Web Data Center".
25 August

Reduced prices for domain names

The prices for domain names in all the domain zones have been reduced greatly. We hope that you will enjoy the new prices and will keep on using our services.
5 August

New packages for Virtual servers

Our company is constantly striving to add new functionality to our hosting services. We try to do our best to update our equipment that will allows us to increase the amount of resources on existing packages.
3 February

SSL certificate with "Extended validation"

We offer a new type of SSL certificates – "GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV" certificate with extended validation. The certificate with "Extended Validation" from one of the most famous Certification Authorities. The certificate confirms validation of both domain name...
11 November

More bandwidth for VDS packages

Dear customers! We are proud to announce a considerable increase of pre-paid bandwidth for the whole line of VDS hosting packages.
26 October

Unlimited VDS

The objective of hosting on a Virtual private server is to provide you with a part of the server limited by system recourses (CPU, memory, disk space). It has its advantages and disadvantages: Advantages. Resources allocated to you are only yours, and your web-applications can al...