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Great news of the summer

We have 3 great news that I would like to share with you:

We extended the maximum configuration of our Cloud Server:

  • RAM can be extended up to 32 Gb
  • Hard Drive – up to 500 Gb
  • CPU – -up to 8 cores

VM with such configurations will easily beat an average dedicated server in terms of performance. You can quickly change your current Cloud Server configurations or order a new one on our site.

Our Data Center just received new Intel Xeon 2хЕ5 servers with third generation CPUs

Do you like to use the newest hardware on the market? If so it’s something you need to check out!

Benefits of Intel Xeon 2хЕ5 servers with third generation CPU:

  • New 2xE5-2630v3 has 32 logic cores, instead of 24 in old 2xE5-2630v2
  • Manufacturer increased the clock rate of every core to 5-10%
  • Cache volume was also increased

Meanwhile we keep the Intel Xeon 2xE5 servers’ price the same!

Order your dedicated server using the configurator at our site.

ISPmanager 5 Business control panel

Do you use your server for providing web hosting? ISPmanager 5 Business is an ideal solution that will help you automate most server management tasks, user and mail administration, and much more. It is simple, flexible, highly functional, and frankly, best control panel out there in our opinion.

Get ISPmanager 5 Business for your Cloud or Dedicated server for just 8 EUR per month..


You can find the details about new services through live chat at our site or your personal account.

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