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DDoS protection becomes more affordable

July 23, 2015 Reduced prices on DDoS protection for Cloud servers.

Do you have competitors? Every fast-growing company has competitors and enviers. The easiest way to take your site down is a DDoS attack. It’s really frustrating when DDoS against the website takes place during an add campaign or other important events. Are you ready for this? Just imagine how many customers you may lose during such attacks.

Our new price on DDoS protection will allow you to use this service permanently. We greatly reduced the price:


8 eur per month — 1 Mbit/s of bandwidth

You pay only for 'white' traffic generated by your site visitors, the strength of a DDoS attack is not taken into account.

For more information about DDoS protection for VPS refer to Cloud VPS page.

Please note: you will need to change the IP address and import your data to a new server.

Our administrators are ready to move your data to the more secure tariff plan absolutely free of charge. Call us at +7(495)668-09-95 or submit a ticket from your Client area.

First 30 clients who ordered this new tariff plan, will get the “Server care” service absolutely free of charge! If you want to use this offer, contact our Customer service.