22 March

New tariffs on VPS with discount up to 35%

We are happy to offer you our new VPS tariff plans!

Get advantage of our new, ready-to-launch VPS plans, which allow you to save up to 35%.

29 January

Cloud Server — no downtime - no financial loss

Last week we launched failover cloud server, based on cluster supercomputers technology.

The system is built with redundancy. User data and physical nodes of the system are constantly duplicated. When one of the systems fail your project will be immediately restored on an available node.

22 January

We cut the price on Virtual Private Servers in half!

We cut the price on Virtual Private Servers in half! 

Take advantage of reduced server prices and advanced anti-DDoS options. 

4 September

Domain prices changing

We hereby inform you that we’re changing prices for domains in international TLDs from 14th of September.

23 July

DDoS protection becomes more affordable

July 23, 2015 Reduced prices on DDoS protection for Cloud servers. You pay only for 'white' traffic generated by your site's visitors, the strength of a DDoS attack is not taken into account.
15 July

Great news of the summer

We have 3 great news that I would like to share with you: We extended the maximum configuration of our Cloud Server. Our Data Center just received new Intel Xeon 2хЕ5 servers with third generation CPUs. ISPmanager 5 Business control panel.
21 May

Cloud hosting with DDoS protection

Hosting servers from our company will benefit from 95% protection against DDoS attacks of any shape and strength
28 November

Black Friday - 50% off only today!

Black Friday at ISPserver! Only today you can buy shared hosting and cloud servers with great discounts! So, here we go..
3 September

ISPserver starts a new channel with 1Gbit/s

From now on you can order a high-speed channel to connect your servers to the Internet 1 Gbit/s
28 August

ISPmanager 5 Lite is now available on our servers!

A new version of the leading feature-packed web server control panel is now available for our customers!