15 July

Great news of the summer

We have 3 great news that I would like to share with you: We extended the maximum configuration of our Cloud Server. Our Data Center just received new Intel Xeon 2хЕ5 servers with third generation CPUs. ISPmanager 5 Business control panel.
21 May

Cloud hosting with DDoS protection

Hosting servers from our company will benefit from 95% protection against DDoS attacks of any shape and strength
28 November

Black Friday - 50% off only today!

Black Friday at ISPserver! Only today you can buy shared hosting and cloud servers with great discounts! So, here we go..
3 September

ISPserver starts a new channel with 1Gbit/s

From now on you can order a high-speed channel to connect your servers to the Internet 1 Gbit/s
28 August

ISPmanager 5 Lite is now available on our servers!

A new version of the leading feature-packed web server control panel is now available for our customers!
11 November

New Xeon E3 and Xeon E5

The German datacenter is widely known for its powerful servers and low prices on equipment. Now you can easily chose a server according to your business needs!
20 September

Reduced setup fees in German data center

This is to inform you that we have decreased the setup fee for servers housed in data centers in Germany.
22 July

Migration program

ISPserver announces it launched a migration program.
23 October

Changes in the payment policy

According to the terms of services the server down time caused by failure to pay by Customer is subject to be paid in full. Until recently BILLmanager did not contain such functionality, and server downtimes were not paid for. This is to inform you, that our developers have launched a ne...
11 May

More RAM for Virtual Private Servers

The ISPserver company is happy to announce that we have increased the amount of RAM. Now our VPS clients can use three times as much resource. RAM is one of the most important server resources, therefore this extra RAM will help to enhance performance of your web-projects and will provide...