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Cloud Server — no downtime - no financial loss

Last week we launched failover cloud server, based on cluster supercomputers technology.

How a cloud server could help mitigate financial loss:

The system is built with redundancy. User data and physical nodes of the system are constantly duplicated. When one of the systems fail your project will be immediately restored on an available node.

Read/write operations are done with an SSD, а high speed InfiniBand network connects two clusters.

How a cloud server would be useful to your users and clients:

Your projects is always accessible for the users: data-center maintanance and equipment failure will not cause interruption in access. When one of the systems fail, users will continue to have access to the server, site or project

DDoS protection will prevent all Level 3 and 4 (network and transport) attacks of the OSI model on your server (ones of the most common types of DDoS-attacks). Enable DDoS protection at the time of order placement, 1 Mbit/s hybrid bandwidth is included for free, other bandwidth limits also available.

“Server care” for free

First 30 customers ordering a cloud server will have "Server Care" included for free — an automated monitoring and alerting system which periodically checks your website for availability and notifies our technical support in case of problems. 

Our Sales Department specialists can help you customize your cloud server to the requirements or answer any questions you may have.

Please call: +7 (495) 668-09-95