10 April

Promotion action. Knock out your opponent!

Welcome to our site! We want to remind You that ISPserver is going on for 11 years on April 26. We are gratefull to You for your being our customers for so long and want to give You presents on our birthday. BUT! Their number is limited and there are too many challengers, so you will have to figh...
12 February

Windows Server 2008 for Dedicated Servers

We are glad to offer you the installation of new operating system for Dedicated Servers - Windows Server 2008. The installation of this system is easy-to-use. It provides new features for flexible and useful administration. It's fully-compatible with a windows based applications and has been...
23 October

Affiliate Program

We've got a very exciting announcement today. We’re launching an Affiliate Program! Do you want to make money with Web Hosting? All you have to do is sign up, place a link on your site, and start making money online! No datacenters, channels, servers, technical staff or customer ca...
22 April

New option: Full Daily Backup

At, it’s really paramount to us to meet the desires of our customers. On the basis of the comments, that we received after publishing the information about the Centralized Backup service, we decided to offer another one service: Full Daily Backup. This ...
13 March

We allow to use SSH to access your hosting account

By popular demand, SSH access is now available for each of our web hosting plans. SSH access provides: flexible tools that dump databases; a useful tool to quickly and safely move web-sites; facility for script debugging. Popular SSH ...
18 February

Centralized Backup Solution

The news concern Virtual Private Servers owners only. Few of our customers know that in order to provide better services we had performed a complete daily backup of all VPSs on our servers. While that was a good idea, we regret to inform you that we have had to stop this procedure. As a...
25 December

Virtual Hosting : 4 times more RAM memory to run Script

The Good News. This is something we've really been looking forward to, there's so much potential here. The best thing that ISPserver announced today is that we took up an amount of RAM equal to the largest and most complicated script on your system. That will help you to tune your web se...
13 November

Our web hosting just got even better!

We're pleased to announce that we have renewed four main tariff packages! Our latest thinking is, we must offer tariff packages where customer interests are consulted and represented, a priori from the outset. By doing so we wish to help our customers and guarantee them more long-t...
30 October

Our dedicated servers farm in Brussels (Belgium) is growing day by day

We are happy to announce new Dedicated Servers Hosting Plans for a low monthly fee! All our Dedicated Server accounts include: 24/7/365 hardware monitoring, repair and replacement 24/7/365 network and service monitoring TWO static IP addresses Reboot afte...
24 October

New Service : VDS Reselling

We are pleased to announce our new service - "VDS Reselling". What is Reselling? VDS reseller purchases the host's services wholesale and then sells them to his/her customers for a profit. In fact, we've been rendering this service for a long time. But it had a person...