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Firewall available on every VDS

ISPserver is the very first ISP to provide Virtual Dedicated Server with FIREWALL facilities. Now with any VDS you can setup easy rules to forbid access to your server or to some services of your server. This increase a lot the security of your VDS if needed.
This is one more good reason for visitors to become customer of ISPserver.


PСmagazine`s tested ISPserver

PСmagazine Testing Labs has conducted tests of the Virtual Dedicated Server - ISPserver. Web-interface gained the high estimation: “ ISPmanager suffices for the solution 99 % of tasks, so that even inexperienced web-admins can take advantage of ISPserver services... the system has been developing rapidly during last few months, that testifies about the company’s serious intentions”.


Apache server updated on Virtual Dedicated Servers

The new 1.3.22 version of the Apache server was instaled on all VDS. This new version is principally a security fix release which closes some problems and accelerate speed.


Virtual Dedicated Server demo

ISPserver permits an automatic Virtual Dediacted Server demo creation system. Thanks to this system, you can create your own Virtual Dedicated Server demo for a limited time of 30 minutes. You will receive login details without delay.
Following the period of 30 minutes, if you are interrested, you can ask for a one-week trial period.


Operating System (OS): IspBSD

The point is that our OS (IspBSD) has been developed exclusively by ISPserver and we have chosen to check 100% of the hardware components of our servers. Our machines are therefore assembled by our engineers and adapted to our system to ensure greater compatibility and availability as well as better performances. In addition, if you have a problem, we can intervene right away. This will guarantee you the best rate of availability.