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ISPserver starts a new channel with 1Gbit/s

Good news for all our customers who are thinking of starting their STREAM portal, online game server, or online cinema, TV or Radio! From now on you can order a high-speed channel to connect your servers to the Internet 1 Gbit/s:


  • Stable connection for users without interruptions or clogged channels.
  • A lot of simultaneous connections even at times of traffic peaks.
  • No traffic restrictions.
  • Great potential for growth together with other users in the project.


Certainly, we understand that the most of our customers do not need a 1 GB channel. However, we also apprehend how rapidly modern technologies are developing. Thus and so, as soon as your Internet service needs a high-speed connection, remember that ISPserver has it for you!


Please visit our website to learn about our terms and pricing ISPserver. In addition, you may find more information about 500 and 250 Mbit/s plans.