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VPS with SSD is now available

SSD now available on all the VPS plans!

Solid State Drives (SSD) improve performance of the websites operating Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or any other CMS. SSD is a must for a high-load project, sensitive to the data input/output rates.

25% discount for 3 months!

Get a 3 months long 25% discount on any VPS with SSD order. Order a VPS on SSD by May 31st and use this promocode at the checkout: VPS-SSD

Our technicians will assist you in moving the data to your new server. Create a support ticket in the billing panel with the full server access details and desired time for us to perform the transfer. Once confirmed, we’ll move the data without any further action on your end.

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Cloud servers now with SSD

Just recently we’ve expanded our storage capacities in the failover cluster which holds all the cloud servers.

Схема работы облачного сервера


The cluster now operates even faster and all the hosted websites perform better. Cloud servers are not affected by the datacenter maintenance as when one of the nodes is disabled, your server is immediately started on another.

Order a cloud server by May 31st and we’ll add a free Comodo Positive SSL certificate. The certificate is a proof of a domain being legitimate, increases trust of your visitors and protects them from online fraud.

100% discount on the certificate is automatically added once you’ve activated a cloud server.

Have any doubts about getting a cloud server? Reach out to us for a free test.

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