24 May

ISPmanager update: May 31, the panel will be updated to version 6

The sixth version of the ISPmanager control panel has been released already.  From May 31, we stop selling ISPmanager 5. 

18 May

Prohibition of cryptocurrency mining on ISPserver servers

We notice the frequent cases of the Chia Coin cryptocurrency of mining on virtual and dedicated servers. In this regard, ISPserver reminds you that it is forbidden to use our resources for mining.

26 April

New terms of providing additional IPv4 addresses

It has long been known that the number of IPv4 addresses is coming to an end. According to experts, they were supposed to end by 2020. Although these forecasts did not come true, the number of available IPv4 decreased significantly while their value increased dramatically.

22 December

Rising prices for Microsoft software

We are changing the price of Microsoft software from 31 December. The price of licences will increase by 20% (except for RDP licences which will increase by another 10...

24 September

High CPU, a new powerful tariff for large websites and resource-demanding projects

Great news from ISPserver! We have launched a new high-speed tariff - High CPU especially for resource-demanding processor-intensive projects.

High CPU tariff is powered by the next-generation Intel Core i9-10900K water-cooled processors, accelerating to a record rate of 5.3 GHz on one...

1 September

Popular browsers will no longer trust SSL certificates with a validity of more than 398 days

Starting from September 1, 2020, certification centers will limit the validity of SSL certificates to one year, or to 398 days to be more explicit. This decision was made by CA/Browser Forum members in order to improve...

6 April

Dedicated servers from a new TIER III data center

When you order a dedicated server from ISPserver you can choose a data center IXcellerate Moscow Two. This data center is certified under TIER III Design standards.

6 April

​AMD processor servers are available now

ISPserver offers dedicated servers with AMD Ryzen processors now. The following configurations are available:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6-4.4GHz, 8 cores, 32 MB cache memory
  • AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 3.8-4.6GHz, 12 cores, 64 MB
  • ...
4 July

Automatic backups for virtual and cloud servers

Automatic backups are now available for Cloud server, custom configuration, and ready VPS v3 and v4 — «Project», «Startup», «Develop», «Business». You only need to check the box to start saving backup copies to a remote independent server. 
The service is available only for servers with...

30 April

We renewed our tariff of the pre-deployed VPS by ISPserver Birthday

Pre-deployed VPS with high-speed NVMe-disks are available for order now. These servers are a great choice for the projects requiring high speed of the disk and file system because NVMe drives are up to 3 times faster than SSD.