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New terms of providing additional IPv4 addresses

It has long been known that the number of IPv4 addresses is coming to an end. According to experts, they were supposed to end by 2020. Although these forecasts did not come true, the number of available IPv4 decreased significantly while their value increased dramatically.

In this regard, we have to make some changes in terms of providing additional IPv4, which will come into effect on April 26, 2021:

  1. The price of additional IPv4 for new and existing customers will be 3 € per month.

    The changes will not affect the main IP address of the server, it will be provided free of charge.

  2. The limits on the number of additional IP addresses will also change.

    • Pre-configured plans VPS:

      4 IPv4 16 IPv4 16 IPv4 32 IPv4
    • Customizable plans:

      Own configurationVPS High CPU Cloud server
      64 IPv4 64 IPv4 64 IPv4
    • For dedicated servers, it will be possible to order up to 128 additional IP addresses.

  3. The changes will also affect the VPU (Vlan-per-user) service: its price will be 18 € per month.


Thank you for your understanding. Our technical support is always ready to answer your questions if you have any.