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Up to 1Gbps for ready and configurable VPS

Now, when ordering a virtual server, it is possible to choose the connection speed: 100 Mbps of unlimited traffic or 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps with a limit of 32 Tb per month.

You can choose a bandwidth when ordering a new server on the website or in your client area.


  Tariff plans

   Free channel with a limit   

   of 32 Tb per month

   Cost of exceeding the limit   

   Ready VPS plans   

 up to 1 Gbps 

+ 3 euro per Tb

   Virtual server

   own configuration

 up to 1 Gbps + 3 euro per Tb

   Failover cloud


 up to 1 Gbps 

+ 3 euro per Tb

   Bitrix PRO

 up to 500 Mbps

+ 3 euro per Tb

   High CPU

 up to 500 Mbps

+ 3 euro per Tb


If you want to change the bandwidth for an already active server, please contact our technical support— we will help you increase the connection speed and answer all your questions.