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Major upgrade of VPS-plans

We have carried out a major upgrade of all VPS and added a new plan to our existing lineup of VPS - VPS-NVME-PREMIUM V6.

The upgraded plans received a significant increase in resources and now run on powerful AMD EPYC processors (up to 3.4 GHz) with NVMe-drive. And the special plan "High CPU V2" is based on AMD Ryzen 9 7950X processor with up to 5.7 GHz.

But that's not all. We have extended IP-address limits on all plans and added flexible drive to the plans from the line of ready-made VPS V6, which will allow you to increase the volume of gigabytes on the fly. We also revised the prices — compared to previous versions, the plans have become 30% cheaper on average.

And now in order.

New ready VPS-plans V6



1 CPU, 2 RAM, 20 to 60 Gb NVMe
IP address limit: 16

from 4 € per month

2 CPU, 4 RAM, 40 to 80 Gb NVMe
IP address limit: 32

from 8 € per month

4 CPU, 8 RAM, 80 to 120 Gb NVMe
IP address limit: 64

from 15 € per month

6 CPU, 12 RAM, 100 to 180 Gb NVMe
IP address limit: 128

from 22 € per month

8 CPU, 16 RAM, 160 to 240 Gb NVMe
IP address limit: 256

from 30 € per month

You can change the volume of NVMe-drive at any time, but only upwards and within the limits of the available volume of gigabytes on a particular plan.

Due to the change of storage devices to flexible NVMe-drive, the principle of calculation of the "Automatic backup" service has also changed. You can read more here


View new ready VPS V6


Updated flexible plans with NVMe-drives

These plans also received a significant increase in the amount of available resources: CPU, RAM and NVMe-drive and became even more flexible.

For example, the plan "High CPU V2" on a high-frequency processor AMD Ryzen 9 7950X with a frequency of up to 5.7 GHz and water cooling is perfect for the development of high-loaded projects — all due to the increased speed of operations and fast processes. 



Your Configuration VPS V6
CPU 2 to 128 cores
RAM 2 to 512 Gb
NVMe 20 to 4 000 Gb

from 9 € per month

more details

Cloud Server V6
CPU 2 to 192 cores
RAM 2 to 768 Gb
NVMe 50 to 8 000 Gb

from 16 € per month

more details

High CPU V2
CPU 1 to 16 cores
RAM 1 to 32 Gb
NVMe 20 to 2 000 Gb

from 7 € per month

more details

CPU and RAM can be changed both up and down. But NVMe-drive - only in a larger one. It is enough only to change the necessary parameters and reboot the server.


Please note: for technical reasons automatic project transfer from old archive plans in ready configurations to new VPS-plans is not available. You can transfer the project yourself or ask our administrators for help. To do this, send a request in myAlpari. We recommend you to keep a backup copy of the project data beforehand.