23 June

Apache server daemon updated (1.3.26 version)

The new 1.3.26 version of the Apache server was instaled on all VDS....
16 April

Apache server daemon updated (1.3.24 version)

The new 1.3.24 version of the Apache server and Frontpage Extensions 2002 was instaled on all VDS....
29 March

New Hosting Center opens in New York

From April the 5th ISPserver clients will have the possibility to host servers on all plans not only on platforms in Belgium and Moscow but also on a platform in New York. Further information on a platform will be published immediately after testing. Keep in touch with us!...
14 March

Welcome to our stand H38 at CeBIT'02

ISPserver welcomes you to meet at our stand H38 Hall 6 on 13-20th of March. Please note our tight schedule and make an appointment in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you!...
6 March

Loss of information Insurance

Clients of the company in the individual order are offered to insure the information against non-recoverable loss. Cost of the insurance is as low as 2% from estimated cost of possible damage. ...
6 February

Apache server daemon updated (1.3.23 version)

The new 1.3.23 version of the Apache server was instaled on all VDS....
5 February

ISPmanager upgraded with new modules

Two new modules was installed in ISPmanager: the backup module and the log-rotation module....
18 January

Samba available on every VDS

Samba is a service that allow user to access to VDS directly from Windows Desktop. All you need is to create a samba account on the VDS and then configure Windows to access remotely the VDS as if it was mounted on your Windows PC. This will allow you to transfer files using drag and drop...
9 January

Firewall available on every VDS

ISPserver is the very first ISP to provide Virtual Dedicated Server with FIREWALL facilities. Now with any VDS you can setup easy rules to forbid access to your server or to some services of your server. This increase a lot the security of your VDS if needed. This is one more good reason for v...
19 December

PСmagazine`s tested ISPserver

PСmagazine Testing Labs has conducted tests of the Virtual Dedicated Server - ISPserver. Web-interface gained the high estimation: “ ISPmanager suffices for the solution 99 % of tasks, so that even inexperienced web-admins can take advantage of ISPserver services... the system has been developing...