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CYBER Backup (ex-Acronis)
Advanced cloud solution for data protection and fast recovery. It supports both physical and virtual servers and compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS and Microsoft apps.
Advanced cloud solution for data protection and fast recovery.
Fully compatible with virtualization platforms (KVM, VMware, Hyper-V e.t.c), Windows, Linux, MacOS and Microsoft apps.
Manage it using any device
A single web console for all platforms with configurable analytics and a role-based administration model.
Reliability and speed
Backups are protected from damage. Quick data restoration to a state at any point in time. Data copying speed is 500 Mbps and higher.
Multi-layered and multi-user software architecture. Add a new computing environment quickly: from apps and virtual machines to workstations.
You can store your backups on the local disk of your computing environment and in a cloud solution from ISPserver.
On the local disk storage
On the cloud storage
Calculate the price using the formula: the maximum value of used Gigabytes per calendar month is multiplied by the cost of one Gigabyte (depending on the storage way).
The calculation is made on the used disk space every 1st day of the next month (or when the service is deleted):
The cost of cloud storage is 0.09 € for 1 GB per month.
The cost of local disk storage is 0.06 € for 1 GB per month.
A user-friendly
web interface
Install agents and manage your backups, create backup plans, create and get reports about your backup infrastructure.
Find and restore single files, folders or an entire system directly from the storage.
administration model
Create new users, assign administrative roles to employees and customize access levels for a branch, office, or a department.
Interactive analytics
Monitor the current state and statistics for entire IT-infrastructure to identify threats and unforeseen problems.
Simple cost calculations
You pay only for actually used resources: the amount of used gigabytes on the storage.
Technical support 24/7
We will help you through the process of installing, setting up and provide all necessary information on the service.
  • Store your data in a cloud and on the local disk of your server.
  • Backup any data from any device, even in other DC.
  • Flexible backup check configuration.
  • Automatic installation and setting.
  • Monitoring with regular notifications.