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ISPserver is now Local Internet Registrar (LIR)

From now on we presented by autonomic system AS29182 and now owns privat IP space 82.146.32/19 _ 32 nets class C.
Until the end of the current year, we are planning to transfer all our customers to our IP space. Our clients will receive the following advantages:

  • Independence from datacenters in which we place our servers. In case of change in datacenters, customer's IP address will remain the same.
  • Management of revers DNS on all DCs will be carried out operatively by our experts.
  • All problems of infringement of norms of network usage will be operatively solved by our experts on abuse. In case if any IPs of our customers will be posted in in various black-lists, we shall be engaged in getting them out of there.
  • The opportunity to allocate personal IP networks to our VIP customers has appeared.