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Our web hosting just got even better!

We're pleased to announce that we have renewed four main tariff packages!

Our latest thinking is, we must offer tariff packages where customer interests are consulted and represented, a priori from the outset. By doing so we wish to help our customers and guarantee them more long-term success of their projects down the road.

New tariff packages:

  • Host A: Disk space 1 000 MB, Traffic 50 GB, Price 4 EUR
  • Host B: Disk space 2 000 MB, Traffic 100 GB, Price 7 EUR
  • Host C: Disk space 5 000 MB, Traffic 250 GB, Price 11 EUR
  • Host VIP: Disk space 10 000 MB, Traffic 500 GB, FREE separate IP address, Price 18 EUR

All our customers will be switched over to the new tariffs automatically:

  • Host A: Site A, ISP Host 50
  • Host B: Site B, ISP Host 100
  • Host C: Site C
  • Host VIP: Site D

Each Virtual Hosting tariff package includes:

  • ISPmanager control panel
  • CGI, PHP, SSI scripts support
  • SSL (https://) support (for customers who purchase a separate IP address)
  • Unlimited ftp-accounts, aliases, auto-responders, and redirects
  • 5-day Trial period
  • 24*7*365 TechSupport
  • Long list of Additional Services
  • Quality of Service

Special Offer: Order any annually paid web hosting package and pay 11 months ONLY. Receive 1 month FREE!