7 July

San Francisco servers transfered to Florida

All servers from San Francisco's datacenter have been moved to Sagonet's datacenter, Florida due to unsatisfactory uptime and working. Now San Francisco datacenter is closed. ...
17 March

Samba was updated

Because of security problem Samba was updated to the version 2.2.8...
17 March

Qpopper was updated

Because of security problem qpopper was updated to the version 4.0.5...
5 March

Sendmail was updated on virtual servers

Because of previous sendmail version vulnerabilities that allow hackers take a root access on your vds, this mail server was updated up to version 8.12.8. ...
16 January

ISPserver offers EconomVDS to Asian-Pacific region for amazingly low prices

Since 15 of January 2003, we are glad to offer hosting of virtual dedicated servers in Singapore's datacenter for all ISPserver's customers. The virtual dedicated servers in Singapore are offered by EVDS tariffs for very attractive prices. ...
9 January

Generic domains registration fee lowered to 15 €

To better meet the needs of our resellers, we have set new price for Generic domains (.biz - .com - .info - .net - .org) to 15 EUR / year. This new price is availble now for all our customers....
20 December

Great offer. Extremely low prices for VDS in San Francisco

ISPserver announce the introduction of a new product - Econom VDS EVDS are the high-grade Virtual Dedicated Servers with extremely low prices. EVDS includes more disk space, more traffic, more capacity, but only located at San Francisco's datacenter where our servers have cheap Internet connex...
20 November

New service - Semi-Dedicated server

We offer you Semi-Dedicated servers. Semi-Dedicated servers combine ease of possession of the virtual allocated server and physical capacity. The basic advantages of our Semi-Dedicated servers: Capacity and opportunities of Semi-Dedicated servers actually coincide with capacities and opport...
13 November

Installation of new billing system is completed

Installation of new billing system that was developed by company's experts is completed. Among the basic innovations seen for the user: Every-day calculation of account balance. Every-day automatic discharge of money for additional services. Henceforth the user may independently choose the ...
26 September

E-Mail under reliable protection

On all ISPserver company's servers reliable protection against interception of the post traffic is established. Henceforth, for work with e-mail our clients may send and accept a mail on the protected channel (SSL/TLS). Now nobody can intercept your password from a letter box or see your messa...