17 November

New Anti-spam feature

All our servers have now the benefit of a new anti-spam filter. This filter can be enable individualy on each mailbox and can filter from 80% to 90% of spam. More info in our FAQ :
12 November

Trafic quota increased for Florida EVDS

Due to the purchase of new network capacities, ISPserver is happy to announce that all EVDS located in Florida have seen monthly traffic doubled. For example, EVDS A in Florida have now 60 Gb of traffic included for 20 EUR / month. Lear more at
5 November

The PHP has been updated to version 4.3.4

The PHP has been updated to version 4.3.4. The complete changes list you can find on official PHP site. The new PHP distribution includes ZIP file access extension. Use ISPmanager to enable this extension for your site. ...
3 November

The web-server update to Apache 1.3.29

The web-server has been updated to Apache 1.3.29. The complete changes list you can find on official Apache site....
18 September

Sendmail vulnerability has been fixed

The buffer overflow vulnerability in sendmail has been fixed. We have patched sendmail version 8.12.9. Problems with the use of version 8.12.10 are with mechanism POP-before-SMTP. We request to pay attention to the appropriate post in the forum "Sendmail and POP-before-SMTP"...
15 September

PHP has been upgraded to 4.3.3 version

PHP has been upgraded to 4.3.3 version....
26 August

New PHP features

We recompiled and updated PHP on all servers. Now PHP have following new features: Correct "400 Not Found" error processing. Full "HTTP authentication" support in PHP-scripts (more info). Sockets PHP extension support (more info). ...
16 August

Datacenter is open in Germany

World expansion of ISPserver is continuing. In August, 2003 another datacenter and office were opened in the heart of Germany. Its now located in Frankfurt. Works on complete localization of control panel ISPmanager and company's site to German are carried out. Now ISPserver has 7 datacenters in...
15 July

New servers for EVDS in Moscow are opened

ISPserver has opened new servers in Moscow for the very popular EVDS tariff’s group. Moscow servers are located in ММТС-9 M9-IX datacenter in Moscow. There is a 1 Gbit/sec channel for Russian net and two 100 Mbit/sec channels for International networks. There are really low prices for Virtual ...
12 July

ISPserver is now Local Internet Registrar (LIR)

From now on we presented by autonomic system AS29182 and now owns privat IP space 82.146.32/19 _ 32 nets class C. Until the end of the current year, we are planning to transfer all our customers to our IP space. Our clients will receive the following advantages: Independence from data...