30 October

Our dedicated servers farm in Brussels (Belgium) is growing day by day

We are happy to announce new Dedicated Servers Hosting Plans for a low monthly fee! All our Dedicated Server accounts include: 24/7/365 hardware monitoring, repair and replacement 24/7/365 network and service monitoring TWO static IP addresses Reboot afte...
24 October

New Service : VDS Reselling

We are pleased to announce our new service - "VDS Reselling". What is Reselling? VDS reseller purchases the host's services wholesale and then sells them to his/her customers for a profit. In fact, we've been rendering this service for a long time. But it had a person...
11 October

Hold the Key to Your Money

We work hard to make the life of our customers comfortable and reliable. As soon as you start working with our new product ISPbalance, you will have more control over your account on our site. We make your life easier! ISPbalance is a small system tray application to help ...
11 September

The New Look of VDS packages

ISPserver hardware - the one we use for rending hosting services on Virtual Dedicated Servers - has been renewed! Lot's of work has been done on this in the past few months. We have worked hard so that we have better prices and conditions. Resources limits for VDS Packages have been...
7 December

Domain auto renewal function

This is to inform you that we have added new option - now you can renew your domain name automatically. In the "List of services" of your private zone you can activate your domain name "auto renewal" function. Once you have enabled auto renewal, your domains will be renewed automatically for...
26 October

Site new design

We have launched our site new design. Hope you will like it. Our short-range plans are to add even more changes in order to improve our site functionality. Then you see anything wrong in the site, please contact us. Misprints are unintentional and subject to change. If you sus...
22 June

We offer new service - a disk space for you backup archives

Many of our customers especially using tariff plans such as VDS-A and EVDS-A frequently have question: "Where to store backup archives?". For the decision of this problem we offer new additional service "disk space for backup archives". Within the framework of this service the FTP-accou...
18 November

New service "Dedicated servers"

Dedicated servers on platforms in Moscow and New York. With the full preestablished package of the software and traditional control panel ISPmanager Lite. ...
25 August

Order additional IP-address to your VDS

ISPserver engineers developed the opportunity to allocate additional IP-addresses to Virtual Dedicated Server. Having additional IP-addresses allow server administrator to enable SSL support for different sites on standard 443 port. This new world wide feature simplifies considerably the acces...
5 July

ISPmanager 4 Light control panel

From now on, all ISPserver servers will be equipped with ISPmanager 4 Light control panel. ISPmanager 4 Light control panel has a wide set of necessary for management of a server functions and opportunities: Here we shall take a look at some of the advantages of this product: