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Redundant failover
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Enable backups — prevent the loss of your data. A backup copy of the data from your server is stored at the special remote hard drive. It will help to recover the data and keep your business running even in case of complete data loss of your server.

Included FREE with each hosting service

Ispmanager Control Panel


Enjoy your hosting experience with the free ispmanager control panel, even if you’re a beginner.

No command line knowledge required

Everything you need is available straight from the browser window: user and domain management, mail setup, backups creation, file upload, DNS, FTP, PHP, Databases and much more.
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Install popular CMS in just 3 clicks

Install Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and more in just 3 clicks, right from the control panel, and start creating a website.

DDoS Protection Included

All incoming traffic is filtered to only allow the real visitors through. You won't even notice a DDoS attack if it happens: malfactors won't get through to the server's resources and no downtime will occur. Your website will work with no interruptions.

VPS and Dedicated Servers

DDoS protected channel up to 1 Mbit/s is free, up to 20 Mbit/s at a low price. Your server will be protected from all the OSI level 3-4 DDoS attacks.

Fully Managed Services

Our experienced engineers will make sure your hosting service is at its top performance. We’ll tailor the server to your needs and install any mandatory software. You needn’t worry if you had no prior experience maintaining a website, we’ll do everything necessary for you, free of charge.

Server Configuration

We’ll optimally prepare the server and configure the web environment.

Migration assistance

We’ll transfer your data from another hosting provider and deploy your backups if necessary.


In case something stops working we’ll find out why and fix it. We’ll walk you through the steps for the same to not occur again, and offer our full assistance setting up additional software you may need. If you need customized software, we will provide you detailed installation instructions, or install it for you.

Software Installation

We'll install an operating system, additional server software and a CMS for you. Get in touch with the technical support to arrange the time.

Security Monitoring

We support our customers’ needs to secure their data and protect their websites from intruders. Therefore, we help by setting up protection against DDoS attacks and switch to HTTPS protocol, by installing an SSL certificate, for data encryption.

70% of support requests are solved within 15 minutes
We reply around the clock, 7 days a week

99,9% Uptime Guaranteed

Our hosting services are rendered strictly in accordance to the Terms of Service.
We guarantee a refund set by the SLA.

Tips on Choosing an ISPserver Hosting Service

ISPserver offers 3 types of web hosting services: VPS virtual private server, failover cloud server, and dedicated server.

Virtual Private Server VPS
4 /month Learn more

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a service that provisions a part of the server's resources. A single physical server can host multiple virtual dedicated servers, where resources are then explicitly limited within the selected configuration. The maximum specifications of a virtual server are: 128 core AMD EPYC up to 3.4 GHz, 512 Gb RAM and 4 000 Gb NVMe-drive.

VPS is suitable for small and medium online businesses focused on web projects and server software, such as: mail servers, database servers, and financial software.

The maximum server configuration is able to run multiple major websites or online stores, CRM systems, resource-heavy email servers with high traffic, any financial or accounting software, as well as development and business design environments.

Failover Cloud Server
16 /month. Learn more

Fail safety of the cloud server is ensured by the data replication on another host. Both hosts are interconnected network with bandwidth throughput of 56 Gb/s. In the event of a node failure, the server is immediately replicated and website operation continues as normal - users do not notice any technical problems. Servers run solely on the NVMe-drives, as websites response times are much faster on them than on conventional HDD or SSD.

The maximum configuration of a cloud server: 192 core AMD EPYC up to 3.4 GHz, 768 Gb RAM and 8 000 Gb NVMe-drive.

This is the most powerful VPS-plan on the project. You can always choose enough resources for large online stores with continuous round-the-clock load, corporate portals of international companies, mail servers, database servers, CRM-systems and others. Flexible configuration of the plan allows you to change the number of cores and RAM more or less at any time. And the volume of NVMe-drive only in a larger direction.

Dedicated Server
46 /month Learn more

Renting a dedicated server is a service when you rent a separate physical server in our data center and all the server resources belong to you.

A dedicated server is suitable for a variety of tasks, from hosting a small online store to launching complex, highly loaded systems. Since all resources belong to you, only you and your users affect the load of the server.

For our dedicated servers we use new server hardware and software from the world's leading IT companies: Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Juniper Networks, ISPsystem.