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Shared Hosting

super-fast performance with enterprise grade SSD
Shared Hosting


1 domain

Databases 5 pcs

Disk space 10 Gb

2.00 € per month
(24.00 € per year )
1.60 € per month
(19.20 € per year )
free domain .ru or .рф


10 domains

Databases 15 pcs

Disk space 30 Gb

4.00 € per month
(48.00 € per year )
3.20 € per month
(38.40 € per year )
free domain .ru or .рф


30 domains

Databases 50 pcs

Disk space 50 Gb

7.00 € per month
(84.00 € per year )
5.60 € per month
(67.20 € per year )
free domain .ru or .рф
Datacenter WebDC (Moscow, Russia)
Control panel ISPmanager, cPanel
Disk system SSD
Traffic unlimited
Backups on Wednesday and Saturday
Database size up to 1 GB
Concurrent connections to MySQL 8 per user
RAM allocated to account 1024 MB
Nameservers (NS),
Number of files 100 000
Disk IOPS up to 1024 KB/s
Concurrent system processes 25 / user
Outgoing email messages 300 / day
PHP's mail() function is disabled SMTP may be used freely to send email messages from any CMS
Support for SSL yes
Remote connection to a database no
Each additional website 1 € / month
Each additional database 0.5 € / month
Ultra fast SSD
With the shared hosting we offer high quality SSD. Those are at least 10 times faster than regular HDD — your website will load in a flash, providing users a seamless experience.
Free web-hosting management
No need for concern even if you've never managed a hosting before, as our specialists will take care of everything necessary - from preliminary setup to around the clock service management.
Free DDoS Protection
Your new shared hosting is DDoS protected at no addtional cost. DDoS protection ensures no malicious attack causes your website to be unavailable, allowing access only to the real visitors.

Get any kind of site or CMS running with your shared hosting

Shared web-hosting comes with anything you may need to run a web-site. More than 70 various applications, extensions, and CMS are availibleto be installed.

Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal are set up in 3 clicks.

Free trial period
up to 7 days

Free ISPmanager or cPanel Control Panel


Enjoy your hosting experience with the free ISPmanager control panel, even if you’re a beginner.

No command line knowledge required

Everything you need is available straight from the browser window: user and domain management, mail setup, backups creation, file upload, DNS, FTP, PHP, Databases and much more.
Learn more Learn more about the control panel.

Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate

Normally, this certificate is issued for 3 months and has to be manually extended, but the ISPmanager control panel does it for you automatically. Get a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate from your control panel in just a few clicks.

99,9% Uptime Guaranteed

Our hosting services are rendered strictly in accordance to the Terms of Service.
We guarantee a refund set by the SLA.

Now to Choose Shared Hosting for Your Business

2 /month Order

This hosting plan comes with 10 GB of disk space, which might not be enough storage capacity for the media content and other sizeable documents.

However, considering its low cost, FIRST may be the best solution for hosting websites with mostly text content, such as blogs, information websites (without streaming video and audio) or relatively static websites aimed at smaller audiences. These may be message boards, small web shops, food blogs, sports blogs; websites run by schools, colleges, moderately sized private educational institutions; showcases of leisure & entertainment centers, museums, exhibitions, movie theaters.

This plan may be used best if you are running a restaurant, beauty salon or deliver any other services, without using electronic retail or ordering and booking via the Internet. If your website incorporates dynamic updates, registrations, ticketing or reservation (e.g. your clients should make an appointment to see a doctor at your medical center, veterinary clinic, and etc.) and the number of visits does not exceed 1000 monthly visitors, then it does make sense to add some extra disk space to store your database or larger volumes of content.

It is worth, too, to purchase more space on the disk if you have a static website but it contains much data. We are not talking about media files for transmission of such data will be slow, but there can be multiple small-sized files, such as books or reference materials from conferences, blogs, and etc.

4 /month Order

This hosting includes 30 GB of disk space.

This is enough to accommodate up to 10 websites with a relatively low content (it should be packed within the specified 30 GB limits), which may include pages with visual content and a few videos.

SECOND serves well for blogging, online advertisement pages or web statistics applications having a relatively moderate traffic. These can be the showcases or small-sized web shops, car repair outlets and service stations, jewelry workshops, websites operated by leisure & entertainment businesses, event agencies, IT-services, small-sized websites for services sector (cleaning companies, funeral houses, maid service providers, and etc.), websites for food service industry: pizza delivery, fast food, bars and restaurants. These can also be the websites of charity societies, law and consulting firms.

The plan suits well in organizing various public events, providing that the audience will fit a 3000 person limit and the informative content will be the right size to be located on the disk space.

For the websites storing big files and a huge mass of documents (e.g. for photographer's salons, printed media, book libraries, tutoring centers having their learning materials in the public domain) it does make sense to expand your disk space, while sticking to this hosting plan.

7 /month Order

This hosting plan comes loaded with 50 GB of disk space, entirely allocated to your needs. Performance is sufficient to stream video and audio content, provided there will be no more than 3-5 simultaneous streams at a time.

You can set up to 30 moderately packed websites (your content should fit within the 50 GB limit) or 2-3 large-scale websites.

This solution will be a good choice for websites like blogs with vids, advertisement sites, average-sized web retailers, car repair outlets and service stations, websites operated by leisure & entertainment businesses, event agencies, different service providers, average-sized real estate firms, notary offices, and etc.

Keep in mind that the processor core has a limited performance and in case of serious web projects (like big retailers, media centers for news media and television, intensively used websites with more than 20000 daily visitors, and etc.) switching to a dedicated virtual or physical servers makes good sense.

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