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Domains Management and Transfer

How do you point an existing domain to the website hosted on the VPS?

If you already have a registered domain name and want to use it for your website hosted with ISPserver, you can accomplish this in two different ways.

The first method is to use our DNS-server for domain services.

Using your account on the website for the registrar of your domain name, change the name servers (NS) to ours:


Then, through the ISPmanager control panel, create a WWW-domain on the server using your existing domain name. Within the next 72 hours, your website will open using your domain name.

The second method is to use a third party DNS-server.

In this situation, the server being used is set as the master DNS to our slave DNS-server. For this arrangement, it is necessary to configure the DNS of your VPS-server.

Log into ISPmanager, go to the "DNS Management" section, select the required domain name and click the "Manage DNS records" button as described above. Select the “NS (name servers)” record from the displayed DNS server resource records and click “Change”.

How do you transfer a domain to the ISPserver service from another registrar?

For top-level domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, you need to obtain an authcode from the existing registrar. Once you have this authcode, draw up an application ("Domains", then "Transfer") within your personal client area on ISPserver, and enter the code there.

How do you change DNS-servers for the domain name registered by you?

Enter your personal cabinet BILLmanager, go to "Domains" and click on "NS" button.

In the resulting window type the new server name and then click "Edit".

What is the purpose of records A, CNAME, MX, TXT, and SRV on the DNS-server?

The DNS-server contains the so-called resource-related records to regulate its activity with domains (provide control footing).

A is a record that sets up a correspondence between the domain name and the IP-address of the server hosting your Internet resource. For instance, IN A

CNAME is a resource record joining the main domain name with an additional one. For instance, is attached to, with both names referring to the same website. In this case, the resource record has the form IN CNAME

MX is a record pointing to the mail servers, on which the incoming mail to the addresses of the domain must be redirected. There can be multiple services specified, with each having a dispatch priority. For example, the entry   IN MX        20

redirects all mail for the domain to, where the mail will be handled by the mail server. The example has the dispatch priority 20; the lower the number, the higher the server priority. MX-records can only use mail server names; they do not use IP-addresses.

TXT is a free text field in which you can put specific information. For example, SPF-records (Sender Policy Framework), which do not allow attackers to send mail from domains they do not belong to: IN TXT "v=spf1 a mx -all"

SRV is an official record designed to specify the servers for specific services.

How can I make changes to external name servers faster when changing DNS on my server?

Use the “Send to DNSmanager” button in the “DNS Management” section of the ISPmanager control panel by clicking on the required domain name.

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