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Installation of new billing system is completed

Installation of new billing system that was developed by company's experts is completed. Among the basic innovations seen for the user: Every-day calculation of account balance. Every-day automatic discharge of money for additional services. Henceforth the user may independently choose the size and a kind of updating balance (the Savings Bank, bank transfer, PayPal systems and Webmoney Transfer, a credit card). All required documents are given out in printing. Work with three kinds of currencies (Rouble, Euro, Dollar). Integration with systems Paypal and Webmoney Transfer. By means of systems Paypal and Webmoney Transfer it is possible to fill up balance of an automatic mode. Automatic dispatch of warnings of negative account balance. Automatic creation of the documents required for accounts department (the invoices, acts of the executed works) The archive of calculations, with detailed elaboration on services is accessible.