26 October

Unlimited VDS

The objective of hosting on a Virtual private server is to provide you with a part of the server limited by system recourses (CPU, memory, disk space). It has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Advantages. Resources allocated to you are only yours, and your web-applications can always use them.
  • Disadvantages. In case your web-site traffic and resources consumption are growing rapidly, your server will be restricted by limits of the tariff plan and won’t be able to process all the requests.

To resolve this problem we offer a new approach in providing VDS services, conventionally called "VDS-unlimited".

VDS-unlimited is a virtual server on which you can considerably exceed limits on system recourses: CPU, memory, disk. This approach allows maximum performance of your web-scripts, enabling your server to serve more visitor.

Peculiarities of VDS-unlimited and its pricing:

  • any package can run both in a "usual" and "unlimited" mode;
  • VDS-unlimited can exceed the limit on the system resources (up to 2400 Mhz CPU, 1024 MB guaranteed memory, 5000 MB disk space);
  • exceeded resources are charged on the daily basis;

The motto of VDS-unlimited is "Take when you need, pay for the used!" p>

You can both order new "unlimited" VDSs, or change your existing server into the "unlimited" mode. The "Unlimited" tariff plans contain the "Unlim" element in their name. For example, the standard plan is "VDS A", and the unlimited one is "VDS A Unlim".