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ISPmanager update: May 31, the panel will be updated to version 6

ISPmanager 6 is released, and from May 31 the panel will be available for ordering new servers in our project. Also, on May 31 we will close ISPmanager 5 and update the panel to the new version on servers with current operating systems (Ubuntu 18 and 20, CentOS 7 and 8, Debian 9 and 10) and ISPmanager 5.295 or higher.

For the existing servers with ISPmanager we will update it by ourselves. Automatic update will be performed on all servers with current OS versions (Ubuntu 18 and 20, CentOS 7 and 8, Debian 9 and 10) and ISPmanager 5.295 or higher. No user participation is required. Servers running versions that are not up to date will not be automatically upgraded, they will continue working on ISPmanager 5 temporarily.

New conditions for virtual servers

The cost of ISPmanager 6 depends on the number of sites in the panel, and starting from June 1 new prices will apply. Active servers running old OS versions will keep their ISPmanager 5 at the new monthly price - 315 rubles.

New conditions for dedicated servers

Previously, if you ordered a dedicated server, ISPmanager panel was provided free of charge. On May 31 a new pricing policy will be applied: you will be charged for the license at the next renewal.  

For example, if you decide to prolong the lease for 12 months by May 31, you will be charged for ISPmanager 6 after a year. The monthly price of ISPmanager 5 is 3,5 €, the sixth version depends on the current edition, see the table below.

Important note: We offer the possibility of extending the discounted conditions.  Until May 30, existing customers will be able to prolong their dedicated servers and receive ISPmanager for free for the entire prolongation period (from 1 to 12 months).

Please check your domains and adjust them with the new pricing plans.

Edition Number
of domains
per month, €
ISPmanager 6 Lite 10  3,5
ISPmanager 6 Pro 50 7
ISPmanager 6 Host Unlimited 10,5
(price per server)
Unlimited 14


If you have any questions, send a ticket to the support service, are always happy to help!