5 August

New packages for Virtual servers

Our company is constantly striving to add new functionality to our hosting services. We try to do our best to update our equipment that will allows us to increase the amount of resources on existing packages.

We have launched the following packages for Virtual Private Servers. These packages provide twice as much RAM; processor resources has been increased as well. Traffic limit no longer exists. You are allowed to use unlimited traffic on all packages.

  • VDS A - RAM = 256MB CPU = 600МHz unlimited traffic
  • VDS B - RAM = 512MB, CPU = 900МHz, unlimited traffic
  • VDS C - RAM = 768MB, CPU = 1200MHz, unlimited traffic
  • VDS D - RAM = 1024MB, CPU = 1500MHz, unlimited traffic

Changes in VPS reselling:

  • RVDS A - RAM = 1536MB, CPU = 3000MHz, unlimited traffic
  • RVDS B - RAM = 3072MB, CPU = 6000MHz, unlimited traffic

We believe that our new packages will best suit your business needs.