22 April

New option: Full Daily Backup

At, it’s really paramount to us to meet the desires of our customers. On the basis of the comments, that we received after publishing the information about the Centralized Backup service, we decided to offer another one service:

  1. Full Daily Backup. This service allows you to reduce the time and resources needed to perform full backup and make it easier for you to keep your data safe from user error, hardware failure, and other problems. By using this service rather than duplicating data through ISPmanager, our clients do not need to make any settings for the backups.

    Quality on this level is not cheap. But your data protection and security is actually worth the price.

    • Daily Backup for VDS A - 5 EUR/month
    • Daily Backup for VDS B - 10 EUR/month
    • Daily Backup for VDS C - 15 EUR/month
    • Daily Backup for VDS D - 20 EUR/month

    To activate the Full Backup option, from My VPS Settings page, click Products list.

  2. If you have VDS Reseller Accounts.

    From now Daily Backup service will cost you 1 EUR/month per 1 Gb of used disk space.

  3. In the VDSmanager control panel you will see a new section called "Backups". With this feature you can backup your files or entire VPS and restore it in minutes.

We aim at providing to our Customers only top-class service – we included full backup of all of the data on all of our client servers performing on weekends at no charge. These backups will also be stored in VDSmanager. We glad to offer this service today, but apparently this is not the official policy of our company. Weekly Backup service may be modified or cancelled without notice to you.