11 May

More RAM for Virtual Private Servers

The ISPserver company is happy to announce that we have increased the amount of RAM. Now our VPS clients can use three times as much resource.

RAM is one of the most important server resources, therefore this extra RAM will help to enhance performance of your web-projects and will provide you with more opportunities to implement your IT ideas.

Here are our new packages:

  • VPS A: from 256 Mb to 768 Mb of RAM
  • VPS B: from 512 Mb to 1536 Mb of RAM
  • VPS C: from 768 Mb to 2304 Mb of RAM
  • VPS D: from 1024 Mb to 3072 Mb of RAM

Despite a considerable enhancement of service packages, their prices remain unchanged. We hope you will appreciate the modification, because with this upgrade you will get better and more stable performance of your web projects.