23 October

Changes in the payment policy

According to the terms of services the server down time caused by failure to pay by Customer is subject to be paid in full.

Until recently BILLmanager did not contain such functionality, and server downtimes were not paid for. This is to inform you, that our developers have launched a new function, and starting today the pricing policy has been changed.

    1. As you know, once your account runs out of money, the server will remain “suspended” for 14 day. When this period is over, the server will be deleted. If you want to renew your server, it will be renewed for a selected period starting the suspension date.
    2. You may send a request to delete your dedicated service. Log in to BILLmanager -> the Dedicated servers module -> select your server and click “Delete”. Your server will remain active until its expiration date, and then it will be automatically deleted. Suspended servers are deleted without any further delay.
    3. If you decide to delete a suspended service, you will be charged for the downtime.
    4. Once your server is automatically deleted due to non-payment, you will be charged for 14-day downtime.

All the changes described above are only applied to suspended servers. If you duly renew your services, you won’t be affected by this change. Please, timely renew your services not to pay additional fees.