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Automatic linux kernel updates with KernelCare

KernelCare is a module to install Linux kernel updates without a reboot.  

New kernel security updates are checked for every 4 hours and installed over the current kernel without changing its version. If required you can roll the installed patches back in the module's settings.

Installation requirements

KernelCare isn't available to the shared hosting users and only supports Linux operating systems. The module requires ISPmanager 5 Lite version 5.99 and newer to work.

How to install KernelCare

Module can be purchased and installed with the ISPmanager control panel, starting version 5.99 and above. Check your current version of the panel in the Help → About program section.


If the panel isn't installed or of the older version - contact us for the options available to you.

To order the module go to Integration → Modules in ISPmanager. Find KernelCare and press the Buy button.


Use your client area (BILLmanager) login details in the next step.


Upon successful authorization the client area will open and you will be able to place the order.

Once done with the payment, go back to ISPmanager. Open the Modules → Integration section and press the Install button next to KernelCare.


Module setup

You can configure the module in the ISPmanager's Instruments → KernelCare section.


You will see the following information:

  • Basic information — license, version and module's state
  • KernelCare distribution control — update or remove the module
  • KernelCare settings control — kernel security patches update or removal
  • Information on the currently installed security patches
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