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How to Use a Free Third-Level Domain

If you do not have a domain yet, we suggest you use one third-level domain name for your site for free, in format (for example,

For your site to open by this name, you need to do the following:

  1. Copy the provider name servers. It differ in depend on your service:

    Shared hosting VPS

    Name servers are the same for all:


    Name servers are personal. You can find it in your server Instructions:

    • enter your Client area, navigate to Products/Services section, Virtual private servers
    • choose your server from the list by a single click and press «Instructions» button. Find «DNS — name server configuration» section.
  2. Add a domain looking like with the ISPmanager control panel in Domains section — WWW-domains«Add» button.
  3. Enter your personal name servers in ISPmanager control panel — DomainsDomain names section. Choose your domain from the list by a single click and press «Records» button. Find the records with «NS (name server)» type, choose it and press «Edit» button above. Enter your first personal name server in the Domain field and repeat this step for the second NS record. Turn back to the previous step, to Domain — Domain names sections, choose your domain and press «Update on NS» button.
  4. Using a file manager, copy the website files to directory.


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