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Equipment colocation and usage regulations

1. General provisions

1.1. The official notes for the Customers are located at the Provider’s web-site: and/or are sent via e-mail.

1.2. The Provider's services are allowed for legal use only.

2. Terms of service

2.1. Acceptance and delivery of the equipment is provided by prior arrangement between the Provider and the Customer through the ticket system. The Provider delivers his equipment to the Data-processing center. Upon receipt and delivery of the equipment the Delivery and Acceptance Certificate is issued in two copies.

2.2. In the event the Customer anyhow alters the list of the equipment to be colocated, a new Delivery and Acceptance Certificate is issued in two copies, the old Certificate is deemed null and void. 

2.3. When bringing the equipment to the Provider, the Customer informs the Provider about all the information required for proper technical support.

2.4. The Customer's equipment shall be connected to the local network in the Data-processing center within 3 days upon crediting the Provider's bank account.

2.5. Installation and connection of the Customer's equipment involves its placement into the rack by the Provider's personnel in due time specified in the Agreement. The equipment shall be placed into the rack, connected to the power supply and Ethernet, followed by the equipment load.

2.6. Upon termination of the Provider's services the Customer within 1 (one) business day shall prepare the Customer's equipment for delivery. Upon the delivery and acceptance of the equipment the corresponding Delivery and Acceptance Certificate is issued in 2 copies.

2.7. All maintenance works and replacement of the broken-down equipment or its component parts shall be performed by the Provider. The corresponding certificate is issued in 2 copies providing the names of the component parts to be replaced, and the invoice for payment of the purchase and replacement of the component parts by the Provider.

3. Server equipment requirements

3.1. The Customer's equipment must meet the requirements of the specification and electrical safety requirements for the equipment to be colocated on the communication nodes, and has the GOST Certificates of the Russian Federation.

3.2. The Customer's equipment to be colocated shall be connected to the Ethernet switch over category 5 (RJ-45 plug type) twisted pair cable. In case the Customer's equipment has another interface, the Customer shall provide all the required media-converters.

3.3. In order to provide informational and physical security, the Provider's personnel shall verify the servers to be collocated. The verification shall be performed by the Provider at the moment of acceptance of the Customer's equipment. The acceptance of the Customer's equipment is pursuant to the Acceptance regulations. Once the equipment has been accepted, the Customer and the Provider take the bilateral Delivery-Acceptance Act.  

3.4. The equipment to be mounted to the 19-inch rack shall be provided by the Customer along with the corresponding rails for installation into the 800 mm rack. The conditions for the colocation of the equipment with other components shall be stipulated individually.

4. Technical support regulations

4.1. Technical support shall be provided to the Customer via the Ticket system.

4.2. The Provider shall be obliged to provide correct registration of requests and resolve the trouble tickets in the shortest possible time.

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