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Virusdie Antivirus Module

Virusdie is a cloud service that acts as an antivirus for your server or website. The service does not require a software installation on your host computer; ISPserver customers simply need to connect the module to ISPmanager 5.

Virusdie locates and eliminates malicious code on the server. It detects suspicious activity on the website and can act as a firewall. All Virusdie actions are automatically carried out in the background without impairing the operation of the server or website. Periodically, you will receive a progress report

The cost for our customers to use Virusdie is 10 € per month for each server. The number of protected websites is unlimited.

Virusdie for Websites

Like an antivirus program, Virusdie for Websites detects virus files (Trojans, rootkits, etc.) and traces any malicious code in the regular files (PHP, JS, etc.). Virusdie removes the infected code with high accuracy and speed without impacting website operations.

If the antivirus detects suspicious code, but cannot identify whether or not it is malicious, the code will not be automatically removed. You can customize the program to automatically remove these pieces of code, or you can manually remove the selected files and pieces of code.

Virusdie for Servers

Virusdie is able to run server validation automatically or manually for all users (can also be set to validate individually), grant partial access to the settings for specific users, set auto-run schedules, and be set to remove any malicious code automatically or manually.

To have Virusdie running on your server, you will need a dedicated IP-address and the ISPmanager 5 Lite control panel, version 5.59.0 or later.

Buy Virusdie!

Access your ISPmanager control panel and go to "Integration" -> "Modules." In the modules list, select "Virusdie" and click "Buy" to the right of the module.

Buy Virusdie module

Please enter your ISPserver client area login and password.

Virusdie license registration

Click the "Pay" button in the cart, complete the payment, and then click "Back to ISPmanager Lite" at the top of the screen.

Pay Virusdie module

To install the Virusdie module after payment, go to "Integration" -> "Modules" and click the "Install" link for Virusdie.

Modules in ISPmanager

Modules in ISPmanager

After the successful installation of Virusdie, the "Virusdie" link appears in the "Tools" menu of ISPmanager.

Virusdie in ISPmanager

Configuring Virusdie

Primary Setup

In the ISPmanager control panel, go to "Tools" -> "Virusdie." Next to the "Virusdie" module, click the "Customize" button.

Virusdie settings

In the pop-up window, click "OK" to install the module on the server.

Virusdie Settings

After installation, go to "Tools" -> "Virusdie" again and click "Customize."

Virusdie Settings

The "License Information" field contains the product license key.

Here you can set the maximum size for the Virusdie report and delete the module from the server. The default report size is 512 Mib - this is the optimal size, in our opinion.

After setting these parameters, the Virusdie tab under "Tools" will appear as follows:

Tools-> Virusdie

This window will show a new entry for each new Virusdie user.

Individual User Setup

To configure individual settings for each Virusdie user: In the ISPmanager toolbar, go to "Tools" -> "Virusdie”, select the desired username from the list and click the "Parameters" button on the toolbar.

Parameters Virusdie

The following options are available:

Virusdie Parameters

Check the box "Run Virus Testing Automatically" to run a daily automatic virus removal script on the server. This option should be used if you have multiple websites that require daily testing.

The box "User Access to Virusdie" enables any user to edit the general module settings that are, by default, only available to the administrator.

In the "Store Reports" field, set the number of Virusdie reports to be archived for review. Set this value to 30 in order to see all of the reports from the previous month. Reports older than 30 days will be deleted permanently.

Check the box "Automatic Cleaning" for Virusdie to not only inform you when a virus has been detected, but to also perform cleaning automatically.

The box "Enable Complete Deleting of Files" enables Virusdie to completely delete a file in which only malicious code has been found.

Use the following recommended settings for Virusdie:

Virusdie Parameters

Running a Server Scan for Viruses

To start a virus scan on the server using Virusdie: In the ISPmanager control panel, go to "Tools" -> "Virusdie,” select the user you would like to run the test, then click the "Test" button.

Website scanning

The test will assess all files owned by the selected user. Scanning typically takes a few minutes; if the scan takes longer than 15 minutes, refresh the page.


The report contains information regarding the virus scans performs on the server. To view the report: In the ISPmanager control panel, go to "Tools" -> "Virusdie,” select the user and click "Reports" on the toolbar.

Virusdie reports

If no threats are found during the testing, the report will not be available for review (the "Details" button is disabled).

Report details

If Virusdie detects any threat on the server, the report will contain a link to the infected file. To view the report, select the desired file and click “Details” on the toolbar.

report details

The report details contain the paths to any files with detected threats.

Path to the threads

Double-click on the line containing the directory of the infected file to open it and view the details.

Files with the threads


Do I need Virusdie?

Virusdie will be useful should you detect any malicious code or suspicious activity on your website. It may be:

  • Any information on your website, in your browser or in a website directory on the server that you did not add;
  • Any redirect from the website, either by reference or button, that should not be there (ads, games, etc.);
  • The receipt of suspicious email messages requesting your (or any user’s) credentials;
  • Blocked access to the website administrator panel;
  • Abnormal increase in the server load;
  • Any other abnormal and suspicious activity on the websites or server.

Virusdie removes Trojans, backdoor scripts, redirects and bots from the server.

What is the minimum subscription period for Virusdie?

One (1) month is the minimum subscription period for Virusdie. Upon the expiry of the subscription period, the service must be reordered. Auto-renewal is turned off by default.

Go to your personal account on You can enable auto-renewal in the BILLmanager under "Products" -> "ISPsystem Modules“ by selecting Virusdie and clicking "Edit."

Изменить параметры услуги

Select "Automatic Renewal" and click "OK."

Disable renewal

Is it possible to restore deleted Virusdie files?

If the antivirus accidentally corrupted a needed website file, it can be restored prior to cleaning. If the clean is completed, the affected file cannot be restored.

Do not perform automatic cleaning unless you are sure Virusdie will only affect malicious code. Run file testing and review the report to see the threats found by the antivirus. Cleaning and deleting infected files should be done manually.

Virusdie missed an infected file or reported that the file cannot be cleaned.

In the event that this happens, send a request to customer support so we can check into why the situation has occurred.

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