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Acronis. A service for creating backups

With Acronis, you can conveniently configure backups and centrally manage backups from various devices. Acronis makes it possible to save copies to cloud or cloud disk storage, configure a backup schedule, and view reports.

In this article, we cover the most common questions about Acronis Data Protection service.

Which devices can I backup?

You can use the service for both virtual machines and physical devices like PCs or dedicated servers. Backups can be configured:

  • for PCs and servers based on Windows, Linux and Mac;
  • for equipment using various types of virtualization, for example, KVM, Hyper-V, VMware, etc.;
  • for servers where Microsoft software is installed: SQL Server, Exchange Server and Active Directory.

To work with Windows and Linux devices, you need to install the Acronis agent there. Please check our instructions on how to install the agent:

Installing Acronis agent on Linux

Installing Acronis agent on Windows

What kind of data can I backup? 

The service settings allow you to backup individual files and folders, specific disks or volumes, the complete state of the system, as well as the entire server — the last option is especially recommended. At the same time, you can configure an individual backup plan.

Where are the backups stored and what is the storage period?

The service provides two options - local storage (a hard drive of your computer or a dedicated server) and ISPserver cloud storage. It is also possible to choose both options at the same time.

The backup storage period depends on your preferences. You can easily choose the best period in your Acronis account. If you go with the default settings, monthly copies will be stored for six months, weekly — 4 weeks, and daily - 7 days.

How much does Acronis service cost?

Acronis Data Protection service activation is free of charge, you only pay for the volume of your backups (measured in Gb). Advance payment is not required either: the money are debited monthly on the first day after the use of the service for the past calendar month. Since the money are debited automatically, please do not forget to top up your account balance in time to make sure that the service won't be suspended for non-payment.

The cost of the service depends on the storage type: 4 rubles per Gb on a local disk, and  6 rubles per Gb in the cloud.

The cost calculation formula: 

The disk volume in Gb (maximum value) for a calendar month is multiplied by the cost of one Gb (depending on the chosen storage option).

For example: in October, the maximum volume of cloud storage used reached 200 Gb. It means that on November 1, 1200 rubles (200 GB x 6 rubles) will be debited from your account balance. 

What happens if the service is not paid on time? 

At first, the service will be suspended for non-payment — new backups will no longer be created, and access to the cloud storage will become unavailable. If the service won't be paid within 7 days after the suspension, the service and all the data will be completely deleted.

How to activate the service?

All you need to do is to order the service, and then configure it in the Acronis personal account. To order the service - go to your Client area, find ProductsAcronis Data Protection, and press Order.

Read the terms and conditions and check the corresponding box: "I have read and agreed to the terms of License agreement." Next, click Add to Cart.

At this stage, you do not need to pay anything. The money will be debited automatically on the 1st day of the next month depending on the disk volume used for storing backups.

Click Activate. After the system processes your order, you will see the service in Orders — Paid Services and Acronis Data Protection in Products.

What features are available in my Acronis personal account? 

Acronis personal account is designed for convenient management of creating and storing backups. You will be able to add new devices, configure storage periods, restore data from copies. You can learn more about the capabilities of the Acronis personal account here.

How do I get into Acronis personal account?

Go to your ISPserver Client AreaProductsAcronis Data Protection. Select the service and click To panel. You will be redirected to your Acronis personal account.

You can also get there using the credentials from the Instructions (Products - Acronis Data Protection - Instructions button on the top panel).

You will find a link for login and access credentials in the window that will be opened.

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