20 December 2013

Final promo of the expiring year: great bonuses for renewing your hosting services!


ISPserver announces the last promo of this year! Until the end of 2013 everyone who buys or renews his hosting service for several month, will get a bonus on personal account. Click the icons for details:

What you should do Until January 1, 2014 you need to pay for the following services hosting, VPS or dedicated server for 3 or more months.
What you get We will credit 30% from the payment amount on your personal account.
Your profit You may be sure that next year you will have a sum of money on your personal account. Use it for any services from ISPserver: renew your server, buy more IP addresses, backup or an SSL certificate.
Profit 1 Paying for 3 month of your hosting service will give you about 1 month for free!
Profit 2 Paying for 6 months - about 2 months for free.
Profit 3 Paying for 12 months - about 4 full months free of charge!
How you can get your money Once you pay for the service, submit a ticket to our Sales department. Provide the period and service you have paid for. Our managers will credit 30% from that amount on your account.
Special notes This promotion is not valid for purchase and renewal of dedicated servers located in German data center. Money back is not provided.

Do not miss out the opportunity to order or renew your server right now, New Year is not far off!