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Shared hosting with DDoS protection

Shared hosting with DDoS protection - a reliable platform for your web-site

DDoS protection
Free technical support 24/7
Uninterrupted access to
your web-site

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We guarantee a 99.6% uptime of your websites.

Please read our Service Level Agreement

HOST 25%

For a single site

One-page sites, blogs, forums

4 eur

per month


CPU: 25% of 1 CPU core

1 Intel Xeon core, 2.4
Additional 25% - 3.75 eur

Disk space: 5 Gb

Additional 5 Gb - 0.25 eur

Best choice!

HOST 50%

For a couple of sites

News portals, company web-sites

8 eur

per month


CPU: 50% of 1 CPU core

1 Intel Xeon core, 2.4
Additional 25% - 3.75 eur

Disk space: 10 Gb

Additional 5 Gb - 0.25 eur

HOST 100%

For multiple sites

On-line stores, social networks, web-hosting

16 eur

per month


CPU: 100% of 1 CPU core

1 Intel Xeon core, 2.4
Additional 25% - 3.75 eur

Disk space: 20 Gb

Additional 5 Gb - 0.25 eur

More service details:

Datacenter — WebDC (Moscow, Russia)

Traffic — unlimited

Hosting control panel — free of charge

Support for SSL (https://) — with purchase of an addtional dedicated IP address

Nameservers (NS): ns1.ispvds.com, ns2.ispvds.com — for load balancing and continuous operation of your services you may change the IP address assigned to your domain name. Only provider’s nameservers can be used.

Email messages — 300 per day. To improve server stability and ensure mail failover, PHP's mail() function is disabled. SMTP may be used freely to send email messages from any CMS.

Number of websites — 10

1 additional website — 1 eur per month

Number of databases — 10

Number of files - 100 000

Concurrent connections to MySQL per user — 8

Concurrent processes per user — 25

RAM allocated to account — 1024 MB

Database size — not exceeding 1 GB

Disk IOPS — not exceeding 1024 KB/s

Backups — 2 times a week, on Wednesday and Saturday

Why choose Shared hosting from ISPserver?

Excellent performance
for your project

Our service comes with the cutting edge server equipment. Increase CPU performance and available disk space on the fly.

technical support

Get in touch with our technical support team available 24/7 with any service questions you may have, free of charge.


All our servers are equally protected. You will get 95% protection guarantee against DDoS attacks of any intensity.

Get any kind of site or CMS running
with your Shared hosting

It comes installed with anything you may need to run a web-site.
More than 70 various applications, extensions, and CMS can be installed with a single click.

Choose from the two popular control panels
to have on your hosting service

Shared Linux

WIth Shared Linux you may use one of two most popular hosting management panels.

ISPmanager Lite

Preinstalled software:

Apache 2.2

Mysql 5.1

php 4.4 / 5.1 / 5.2 / 5.3 / 5.4 / 5.5 / 5.6


Preinstalled software:

Apache 2.2

Mysql 5.0

php 4.4 / 5.1 / 5.2 / 5.3 / 5.4 / 5.5 / 5.6

4 years and 5 months

Average lifespan of web-sites on Shared hosting

How does DDoS protection from ISPserver work?



For DDoS protection we use a network of filters at multiple locations around the globe, connected to a broadband channel. Incoming traffic is analyzed to find anomalies and non-standard network activity. You will get a 95% protection against DDoS attacks, including botnet protection.

Protection mechanisms detect and block various types of suspicious traffic on the Network and Transport levels (Level 3 and 4 OSI)*, including but not limited to IP malformed, ICMP flood, TCP SYN flood, TCP-malformed, UDP-malformed, ICMP smurf and NTP amplification, DNS amplification and other types of channel attacks, by verifying that traffic conforms to RFC and performing verification by known attack signatures.

ISPserver reserves the right to terminate the DDoS protection service
in case the amount of white (legit) traffic exceeds 5 Mbit/sec

Order Shared hosting with ease

Step 1

Choose a suitable hosting plan and tailor it to your needs

Step 2

Clicking the Order icon will redirect you to the billing system for registration and payment.

Step 3

Access details will be emailed to you once payment is complete.

How to choose a shared hosting service for your business?

When you have already made a decision in favor of shared hosting for your website, you will also have to choose the price that suits you best depending on the objectives of your business.

We offer you the three options for our shared hosting services to choose from: HOST 25%, HOST 50% and, finally, HOST 100%. Each of these hosting plans comes with a 2.4 GHz Single Core Intel Xeon processor. This is a modern server processor, one of the recent generations, that belongs to the high-end class and is one of the most powerful in the row.

Below you will find out some basic differences in our pricing policy and can choose the option that suits you best.

HOST 25%

This hosting plan you will see only 25% of the rated capacity available for one 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon core. Besides the fact that this is a high-performance processor, you will have only a quarter of the rated capacity of its core, so with too many visitors accessing your website this option won't be good to you. By default you will be allocated 5 GB of the disk space, which means you may not have enough space to store your media content and other huge documents.

However, this hosting plan, considering its low cost, may be the best solution for hosting websites with mostly the text content, such as blogs, information websites (without streaming video and audio) or relatively static websites aimed at smaller audiences. These may be message boards, small web shops, food blogs, sports blogs; websites run by schools, colleges, moderately sized private educational institutions; showcases of leisure & entertainment centers, museums, exhibitions, movie theaters.

This plan may be used best if you are running a restaurant, beauty salon or deliver any other services, without using electronic retail or ordering and booking via the Internet. If your website incorporates dynamic updates, registrations, ticketing or reservation (e.g. your clients should make an appointment to see a doctor at your medical center, veterinary clinic, and etc.) and the number of visits does not exceed 1000 monthly visitors, then it does make sense to add some extra disk space to store your database or larger volumes of content.

It is worth, too, to purchase more space on the disk if you have a static website but it contains much data. We are not talking about media files for transmission of such data will be slow, but there can be multiple small-sized files, such as books or reference materials from conferences, blogs, and etc.

HOST 50%

With this hosting plan you will receive a half of the rated processing power secured by one 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon core, and 10 GB of the free disk space.

This is enough to accommodate 1-2 websites with a relatively low content (it should be packed within the specified 10 GB limits), which may include pages with visual content and a few videos.

HOST 50% serves well for blogging, online advertisement or web statistics having a relatively moderate traffic. These can be the showcases or small-sized web shops, car repair outlets and service stations, jewelry workshops, websites operated by leisure & entertainment businesses, event agencies, IT-services, small-sized websites for services sector (cleaning companies, funeral houses, maid service providers, and etc.), websites for food service industry: pizza delivery, fast food, bars and restaurants. These can also be the websites of charity societies, law and consulting firms.

The plan suits well in organizing various public events, providing that the audience will fit a 3000 person limit and the informative content will be the right size to be located on the disk space.

For the websites storing big files and a huge mass of documents (e.g. for photographer's salons, printed media, book libraries, tutoring centers having their learning materials in the public domain) it does make sense to expand your disk space, while sticking to this hosting plan.

HOST 100%

In this hosting plan you will enjoy the maximum power of one 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon core, plus 20 GB of the disk space allocated for your needs. The performance can be enough to stream video and audio content, provided that there will be no more than 3-5 of such data streamings at a time.

Here you can set up to 10 moderately packed websites (your content should be within a 20 GB disk space limit) or 2-3 large-scale websites.

This solution will be a good choice for websites like blogs with vids, advertisement sites, average-sized web retailers, car repair outlets and service stations, websites operated by leisure & entertainment businesses, event agencies, different service providers, average-sized real estate firms, notary offices, and etc.

Expanding the disk space available to you gives you the possibility to upscale your website and increase their number. However, one should keep in mind that the processor core has still a limited capacity and in case of serious web projects (like big retailers, media centers for news media and television, intensively used websites with more than 20000 daily visitors, and etc.) taking dedicated virtual or physical servers makes good sense.

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